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"The Green Real Deal doesn't tell Americans what they can and cannot do", Gaetz said.

The new complaint alleges Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti "engaged in a brazen scheme involving multiple political and commercial entities under their control to violate federal election law, circumvent federal contribution limits and reporting requirements, and execute an unlawful subsidy scheme".

"I believe that my constituents will be impacted - they already have been really, by stronger hurricanes, by oscillations in climate and weather that impact farming and agriculture", Gaetz said. "They must respond to the reality that we face today and so should the United States Congress".

According to Gaetz, the Green Real Deal focuses on promoting innovation and "rejects regulation as the driving force of reform". They consist of, "an global marketplace that is fair to American innovators", "a modernized electric grid", a cut on federal land regulations in order to promote renewable energy development and, "an inclusive technology doctrine", that will allow, "scalable, modular nuclear reactors" and other inventions to be put into action.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican and one of President Donald Trump's staunchest defenders on Capitol Hill, believes climate change is caused by humans and wants Congress to tackle the issue with "realistic solutions".

Weekly US crude oil inventories jump by 7.2m b/d, DoE says
Earlier this week, a survey from Reuters said OPEC's oil production in March 2019 fell to its lowest level since February 2015. A day later, the EIA confirmed the build, estimating that crude inventories had grown by 2.8 million barrels.

"The question for America is pretty simple: either we want a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington telling us what we can't do, or we empower American innovators to unlock things that we can do", Gaetz said.

Gaetz stressed his plan would actually generate revenue as opposed to the costly 'Green New Deal'.

After referring to Ocasio-Cortez a "moron", for her Green New Deal, Carlson went in on Hayes.

During the press conference, Gaetz said that he was pitched his ideas to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "just a few minutes ago" adding "there are some that I think we agree on, some we don't". "Our innovations are, and so rather than trying to regulate the American economy out of existence while polluters continue to engage in industrial activity overseas, why not try to excite the American innovation that has always been the envy of the world and use that to drive better environmental outcomes".