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Both planes were relatively new 737 MAX 8 aircraft and both displayed similar flight behavior just prior to the crash, indicating that the MCAS system may have been linked to both crashes.

Boeing anti-stall software on a doomed Ethiopian Airlines jet re-engaged and pushed the jet downward after the pilots initially turned it off due to suspect data from an airflow sensor, two people familiar with the matter said.

She said the report recommends "the aircraft flight control system shall be reviewed by the manufacturer".

The new update to the system lets the pilot have the ability to override MCAS and manually control the aircraft, ensuring that the pilot always has the upper hand, according to the manufacturer.

"Since repetitive uncommanded aircraft nose down conditions are noticed ... it is recommend that the aircraft control system shall be reviewed by the manufacturer", she said. The later they shut it off, the less time they had to recover, he said.

The day before its crash, the Lion Air jet also reported unusual variations in altitude and airspeed at the start of the flight.

Its sources said "the latest details are based on data downloaded from the plane's black-box recorders".

"The paucity in this report is appalling", said CNN aviation analyst Alastair Rosenschein. I heard the full report may take one year.

Fallout from the tragedies has also disrupted the air travel industry.

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Boeing is facing several lawsuits, including seven filed in Chicago earlier by one law firm alone, claiming the flight-control system was defective and that Boeing failed to warn airlines about it or fully train pilots.

What is MCAS and why is it important?

Passengers from more than 30 nations were on board the aircraft. Boeing is working on improvements to the MCAS software that would make it less aggressive in pointing the nose down and easier for pilots to disable. But the downward force of the aircraft was too great to overcome.

- Indonesia has advanced the planned release of its report on the Lion Air crash to between July and August, versus a previous schedule of between August and September.

Last week, Boeing announces it was testing a software update to the software said to be to blame for the accidents.

Ethiopian investigators did not address that issue at Thursday's news conference, saying only that the pilots had done what they were supposed to.

Colonel Amdeye Fenta, chief of Ethiopian Accident Information Bureau told the press conference: 'We can confirm that we haven't found any foreign object damage'.

He also revealed investigators could not identify any "structural design problem" with the aircraft. The United States was the last to do so on March 13, after the Federal Aviation Administration concluded the refined satellite data that became available to the agency that day warranted a temporary grounding of the Max. "Boeing, and the regulators that enabled it, must be held accountable for their reckless actions". Its goal is to offer an early glimpse of what happened - without providing any conclusions to a possible cause. We're nearing completion and anticipate its certification and implementation on the 737 MAX fleet worldwide in the weeks ahead. The FAA grounded the jets citing satellite tracking data that showed similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes.