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To mark the launch on April Fool's day, the burger giant released a hidden-camera-style promo video showing the serving of plant-based Whoppers instead of meat to customers who marvel that they can not tell the difference.

Rather than an issue of taste, flavour or texture, Impossible Burger's biggest challenge is raising the funds to go global - basically, to churn out vegan patties as fast as manufacturers roll out minced beef. The patty itself is made by Impossible Foods, purveyor of the famous "bleeding" meatless burger on more than 5,000 menus at places like Momofuku Nishi and Bareburger. According to The New York Times, the patty comes from the start-up Impossible Foods and will be offered for a trial basis at 59 locations in the St Louis area.

The Impossible Whopper has been described as the Whopper's "twin" by the burger's manufacturer, and contains 17g of protein and 0mg of cholesterol.

And now diehard vegans can pick up the creation blowing everyone's minds at Burger King. The usual Whopper toppings are included on the no-meat patty.

The company's next hurdle: feed the growing demand for healthier, more environmentally friendly food.

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"Many consumers recognize that less meat in their diet is good for them and for the planet, but plant-based meat alternatives often do not live up to their expectations", Nestle said. "Around the taste, around the brand recognition, around the price, all those things were important factors in choosing Impossible", he said.

Chief Executive Pat Brown indicated the Impossible Whopper could prove a mighty milestone: "We're now in well over 6,000 restaurants".

Red Robin - with locations in Western Pa. - also recently announced that they would be offering the Impossible Burger at all their locations starting Monday. Impossible has been making inroads in Asia as well.

Burger King rivals, food conglomerates and meat packers are cooking up more plant-based burgers. The Impossible Burger is already available in slider form at Carl's Jr. and White Castle. McDonald's has added a soy-based "McVegan" burger in Sweden and Finland, while Pizza Hut sells vegan pizza pies in Britain.

"I kept looking at mine trying to make sure it WAS plant-based".