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The Prime Minister and her senior ministers will take stock after MPs again failed to find a majority for a series of alternatives to her Brexit deal.

MPs voted down all the four Brexit proposals chosen by House Speaker John Bercow in a bid to break the current Brexit deadlock.

May's chief whip, responsible for party discipline, told the BBC in a documentary being aired on Monday that the government should have known that May's loss of her parliamentary majority in a snap election in 2017 would "inevitably" lead to a softer Brexit.

The failure to find an alternative to May's deal means Britain is in political deadlock with just weeks to go until it is due to leave the EU.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay told MPs that the default outcome was now a no-deal Brexit on April 12, but said it was still possible to leave with a deal - and avoid holding European Parliament elections in May - if the Commons approves an agreement this week.

A motion calling for a second referendum on any Brexit deal passed by Parliament was the most popular option, gaining 280 votes in favour.

Juergen Maier urged lawmakers to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU, saying that would allow frictionless trade to continue.

European Union leaders have called an emergency summit on April 10 and have warned that unless Britain sets out what it wants to do, it risks severing ties with its largest trading bloc two days later with no deal at all.

The DUP voted against all four proposals, while cabinet ministers had to abstain from taking part in the votes, according to The Guardian.

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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May visits a joinery factory in London, Britain, August 3, 2016.

Speaking just minutes after the voting results came out, he said: "I have failed, chiefly, because my party refuses to compromise".

Meanwhile, fellow Conservative MP, Nick Boles announced his resignation from the party whip after seeing his proposal for the United Kingdom to stay in the EU's single market defeated by a 21 majority, stating that he had "failed chiefly because my party refuses to compromise".

He said the cabinet would meet on Tuesday to consider the results of Monday's votes "and how we should proceed".

The April 12 deadline, imposed by the European Union, gives Britain's politicians less than two weeks to bridge the hostile divide that separates those in her government who want to sever links with the European Union and those who want to keep the ties that have bound Britain to the bloc for nearly 50 years.

The votes by MPs were are not legally binding but would have been politically hard to ignore if a majority was found.

Common Market 2.0 - a plan for close engagement with the European Union after Brexit along the lines of Norway's relationship with the bloc - got 261 votes in favour, with 282 ballots against. A hard #Brexit becomes almost inevitable.

Ian Blackford, the SNP's Westminster leader, said it would be an "outrage" if MPs were asked to vote on Mrs May's deal again, while Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said it was "dead".

He added that MPs would have "one last chance to avoid the abyss on Wednesday".