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The python captured in the USA state of Florida weighed 140 pounds and contained 73 developing eggs.

On Friday, Big Cypress National Preserve announced in a post to Facebook that its team of researchers had discovered the largest python ever to be removed from the swamp.

Wildlife managers were using male pythons with radio transmitters attached to them to track down breeding females as they work to remove these invasive snakes. Moreover, not only does the team remove the invasive snakes but they also collect data to develop to learn how the snakes are using the preserve and develop new removal tools.

It was one of these transmitting males that led the preserve's researchers to the impressive female, who weighed 140 pounds.

While pythons of all sizes have been found in the Everglades, a lot of them are between 6 and 10 feet long.

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While the Burmese python stems from Asia, the big snakes have become common-place in Florida.

Florida has used other methods to manage the python population, including encouraging the humane killing of pythons on private property and at 22 wildlife management areas, including Big Cypress.

Researchers from the Big Cypress National Reserve posted a photo of the discovery on Facebook.

According to the United States Geological Survey, drastic falls in the population of raccoons, opossums and bobcats in the Everglades are linked to pythons - while rabbits and foxes "effectively disappeared" from the area. The snakes pose significant threats to native wildlife.

The massive python also contained 73 developing eggs. The searchers, however, managed to find only 68 snakes.