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According to Variety, Live in Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour) runs for two hours and two minutes, about the same length as Leaving Neverland part one. In both cases, Jackson first earned the trust of the boys' families by inviting them out to his Ranch for friendly sleepovers, where he showered them with attention, affection, and gifts.

Many viewers spoke out in support of Safechuck and Robeson, expressed their disgust with the claims made in the film, and seemingly called out those who still support Jackson in light of the multiple allegations.

The estate has threatened HBO and parent company Time Warner with a $100 million lawsuit, saying that in broadcasting the film, it would be breaking a contract it signed in 1992 when it aired one of Jackson's concerts.

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Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me airs Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4.

"I ask for all of you to wait and hear the truth before you label or condemn me", he added. Taking to Twitter, he defended Jackson's honor while claiming the documentary was "poorly made".

"I know my brother", Jackie, 67, said.

"But the weirdest thing about Michael Jackson which, I think, encouraged my suspicions about him as a human being was when he talked about charity and children he had this very soft and high pitched voice". "I know what he stood for". When he didn't get the job he (unsuccessfully) tried to get a publisher to release the story and when that failed sued the Jackson estate (unsuccessfully) over the sex abuse allegations. The relative austerity of Reed's filmmaking choices blends into how Robson and Safechuck construct their own narratives on camera: Both describe their alleged abuse in a graphic, clinical manner that's shocking for its matter-of-fact delivery. He also once testified that Jackson did not molest him. He started calling me apple head.