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Annette Bening told Cindy Adams that she never, ever thought she would be in a Marvel film. Let us know in the comments if you have any theories that could provide an answer.

That sentiment was certainly intentional, according to Anna Boden, who co-wrote the film with Ryan Fleck. The power that surges through her fists is formidable, and because she's challenged so frequently by so many foes, she has to use them a lot. If Captain Marvel has been busy helping to stop the Kree/Skrull war and saving other galaxies for the past two-plus decades, that probably means that Monica (who later in the comics becomes an Avenger named Photon, adopting her mother's fighter pilot call sign) is in her mid-30s and if the comics are any indication, Maria is probably no longer with us.

In this latest episode, we talk Arrow coming to an end, new Avengers: Endgame footage shown, a HUGE Captain Marvel discussion & so much more! DC Entertainment beat Marvel to the punch by two years with Wonder Woman, the Gal Gadot-starring box office and critical juggernaut that is still one of the top-grossing films to come from the DC Universe (a sequel is already slotted for 2020). If Captain Marvel is traveling with them, it's a lot more likely that they will succeed. Because of the surge in misogynist trolls - or, in the diplomatic words of Rotten Tomatoes' press release, "an uptick in non-constructive input" - the site recently removed users' ability to post reviews before a film's release. Nearly 2,500 participants were surveyed, male and female, including kids between the ages of 10 and 19 and parents of children aged five to nine, who answered on behalf of their children.

Among young boys, nearly half (49 per cent) cited male sci-fi/supeheroes as a top role model. They look at what worked in the movie for them and what didn't.

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An Indian origin dentist in Sydney , who had been missing since Sunday, was found stabbed to death Tuesday night, police said. She told her family she would head home after a late breakfast, and when she failed to return, her family contacted police.

"That's just a depiction of the female experience", Larson said. Your basic superhero origin story! DC's Supergirl has been on the air since 2015, and is now in its fourth season on the CW Network.

They also fall victim to a common issue in comic-book movies: The Expanded Universe problem. This is compared to the $11 million Wonder Woman made in 2016, and that film went on to take in $103 million in its opening weekend. On March 8, DC Super Hero Girls will relaunch as a full-length series on the Cartoon Network, created by Lauren Faust (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, The Powerpuff Girls). There's also a lengthy showdown on a Los Angeles Metro train. I can't take any pictures or I don't know how to explain what's happening. Sure, characters like Black Widow, Shuri, and Scarlet Witch-just to name a few-were there to tide the fans over, but it just wasn't enough to wet our whistle. Back on Earth, she also finds herself in several unsafe situations as a pilot. "It's a huge improvement, especially on the female empowered characters". Add to that, doing your own stunts, being physical. "DC has always been pretty conscientious about changing with those times". Each one is a slow buildup of Captain Marvel reaching her full potential as one of the most powerful beings in the MCU but also has an underlying message. By the very end of the movie, we see Fury wearing a metallic-looking cover over the injured eye - now missing entirely.

"Young boys have role models, why shouldn't we?" she says. "Just like boys do with Superman and Batman".