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It's unclear how much the foldable device will cost in Canada, but with the US price tag coming in at $1,980 United States dollars, it's likely that the Galaxy Fold will cost approximately $2,655 CAD.

Now, Samsung in an attempt to clear our doubts has released a video clip of its special stress testing machine showcasing the Galaxy Fold's bending abilities. Samsung also hasn't revealed the full details of the Galaxy Fold's dimensions.

The Galaxy Fold has an in-folding display with a proprietary hinge. The company publicly announced it's working on it, and even published a few videos, but the phone is definitely still in development. It aims to check the durability of the Galaxy Fold's hinge and Infinity Flex display by folding the device 200,000 times.

This Galaxy Fold has a book-like inward foldable design with a secondary small screen on the outside, too.

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According to Samsung, if you open and close your Galaxy Fold for 100 times every day for five years, the device will still be alive and (relatively) well.

So it looks like early Galaxy Fold adopters needn't worry about durability. Will there be a visible crease where the screen folds, and will it get worse over time?

Part smartphone, part tablet, Samsung's category-defying Galaxy Fold offers users an entirely new kind of mobile experience, featuring fun and innovative ways to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more.