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"Never done when a president is overseas".

In the meeting at the Blue House, which was attended by his prime minister, secretaries, some ministers and the National Intelligence Security director, Moon spent the entirety of his opening remarks on the second summit between Kim and Trump and how Seoul can help overcome the impasse. Trump said they could have held it a few days later and had more time to prepare.

"Trump attacked the Democrats" decision to publicly interview Michael Cohen, his former lawyer and operative, on the same day as a meeting between Trump and Kim in Hanoi last week. The newspaper didn't mention the lack of agreement in the summit. Bolton told "Face the Nation" that the summit should be seen as "a success, defined as the president protecting and advancing American national interest".

Hwang said Monday the exercises were canceled through a single phone call between military chiefs, calling the move the "worst" decision for national security; North Korea still retains nuclear weapons, as well as conventional weapons that can target the South, he added.

The testimony unfolded as Trump had traveled to Hanoi to try to forge a deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over curbing his country's nuclear program.

"Dismantling of the Yongbyon nuclear facility, which is the foundation of North Korea's nuclear facilities, verified and observed by the U.S., is within sight", Moon said. Trump said he didn't believe Kim knew about or would have allowed what happened to Warmbier. Cohen used the hearing to slander Trump, drawing attention away from the historic summit.

"What he's trying to convey is that he's got a hard line to walk to negotiate with Kim Jong Un", Bolton said on "Fox News Sunday", arguing that Trump's statement did not necessarily mean that he believed what Kim was saying.

"It doesn't mean that he accepts it as reality. It seems like Chairman Kim's train has passed through the city", a source said, according to Yonhap.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., a close Trump ally, broke with the president.

Only 37% found Cohen testimony credible
Cohen on Thursday spent nearly eight hours behind closed doors with members of the House Intelligence Committee . The Trump Organisation did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

"I didn't think this went well for the president at all, more importantly, for USA national security", Rogers said. Kim will be able to portray himself to his people and supporters as the charismatic head of a nuclear-armed power, not an worldwide pariah that starves its citizens so it can build weapons.

Asked whether that was his view, too, Bolton replied: "The president's view is he gave nothing away".

Earlier in the interview, Bolton said President Trump "made it very clear" what happened to Warmbier is "an act of brutality that's completely unacceptable to the American side".

Bolton was touring the Sunday political shows the morning after the USA and South Korea announced an end to key annual large-scale military exercises.

Rogers didn't think the North Korea summit went well for the USA and that Trump made a mistake in his negotiation tactics because he has such a hard stance.

"That was my position long before I became President".

"I don't agree at all that it was a failed summit", Bolton said on "Fox News Sunday".

"The president did give up a great deal, by going to that summit, by enhancing Kim Jong Un's prestige on the world stage, by giving up those military exercises in the last summit and getting nothing for it", Schiff told CBS.