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Although Pelosi said she believed it would be too divisive to try to impeach Trump, she characterised the president as unfit to hold office.

And it's a departure from her previous comments that Democrats are waiting on special counsel Robert Mueller to lay out findings from his Russian Federation investigation before considering impeachment.

"They much prefer to actually focus on winning the next election rather than going for a process which would be seen by a large section of the population as actually an assault on democracy".

"This could be a tactical manoeuvre from Pelosi in order to actually secure the public release of the Muller report", he said. But when it comes to the politics of impeachment, she's right: It's a waste of time. "I happen to, yes", she said. Most Democrats favored impeachment, while most Republicans did not.

Numerous stories focused on insults the Speaker threw at President Trump during her interview with the Washington Post magazine. By saying impeachment needs to be "bipartisan", she hinders any Democratic arguments that a particular act or crime, past or future, warrants impeachment.

Rep. Al Green, who has repeatedly introduced a bill to impeach Mr. Trump, vehemently disagreed and criticized the "political expediency" of those comments.

Recently her calls have been joined by Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), one of two Muslim women elected to Congress in November, who vowed in January to work to "impeach the motherf**ker".

Sherman said that the multiple Democratic investigations of Trump might be a substitute for impeachment, "it's also possible it will be a prelude".

Republicans alternately praised Pelosi and were skeptical. "This is news. I'm going to give you some news right now because I haven't said this to a press person before".

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In remarks published on Monday by The Washington Post, Pelosi made clear that she thinks Trump is not fit for office.

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, a Springfield Democrat and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, said Monday that he's still working with House counsel to prepare his request for President Donald Trump's tax returns - even as another Democratic chairman took the first step in launching an investigation into alleged obstruction of justice and other corruption at the White House.

The California Democrat also said that Trump is "ethically", "intellectually", and "curiosity-wise" unfit for office.

Pelosi has long resisted calls to impeach the president, saying it's a "divisive" issue that should only be broached with "great care".

But Pelosi was quick to state that she wouldn't fixate on the possibility of impeachment proceedings.

Both motions to table succeeded with bipartisan support to prevent an up or down vote on impeachment. Green moved in December 2017 to force the House to consider impeachment articles; the effort was killed on a 364-58 vote.

Freshman Democrats who are from more moderate districts and will have to win re-election again in two years have been fully supportive of Pelosi's caution. "Everybody do what you may", Green said.

Green said he's just acting as his conscience dictates, telling Fox News' Neil Cavuto, "We should not allow political expediency--wait until the next election--to trump the moral imperative to act when there is harm being caused to society".