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As the name suggests, this variant of the Xbox One will ship without a disc drive and support only digital downloads.

Xbox One fans look set to receive some huge news from Microsoft ahead of the Halo Infinite and Gears of War 5 release dates.

Seems a bit of an error not to bundle in the wildly popular system-seller Forza Horizon 4, but 3 is still a very solid game for the package.

Microsoft briefly showcased its Project xCloud game streaming service last week during its Inside Xbox live stream, but the short demo left us hungry for more. Now, thanks to a new report, a more specific date for the new console's release has now been unveiled.

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When will the console release?

Be there or be square on March 26 at 9:00 AM PDT, and we'll be here tirelessly bringing you the news, because that's what we do.

No pricing has been revealed, but Windows Central reports that it will have the lowest RRP of all Xbox One consoles. The outlet also has art that confirms that the disc-less console will look pretty much identical to the current Xbox One S. However, it won't feature a disc drive nor an eject button, of course.

Why it matters: Microsoft is reportedly adding even more value to its disc-less Xbox One S by bundling download codes for three hit games.

Based on the information gathered by Windows Central, which has also dropped a mockup of the box, the console is coming May 7. The company has been hosting various "Inside Xbox" streams for a few years now, but this latest one is taking a cue from Nintendo in being all about smaller games from various indie developers. The rumour is that this version of the Xbox will start at the $200 mark.