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A diver in South Africa escaped from a whale of a story that some have exclusively heard about within the Bible.

South African dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf recalled almost being swallowed by a whale after he was mistakenly swept into its jaws during a sardine feeding frenzy last month.

"But my hard won experience kicked in and I instantly held my breath, thinking that the whale would instinctively dive down again before spitting me out somewhere in the depths of the Indian Ocean". Schimpf was out with a gaggle of divers taking pictures of sharks within the space so the enormous mammal's look was a little bit of shock. It is quite the story, although, he stated."Gee, it's fairly the story to inform ..."

"The next moment I felt the whale was turning either way, and the pressure was released, and I was washed out of the mouth", Mr Schimpf said. This year, however, Schimpf nearly became dinner for one enormous Bryde's Whale.

Schimpf, who has worked as a dive operator for over 15 years, said he was in the water with two others for just a matter of minutes before the whale appeared.

The whaling boat'Njordur, prepares to fire a harpoon at a minke whale Friday Aug. 22 2003 in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Iceland. The Icelandic government has given permission for 38 whales to be caught for scientific reasons within the
ADAM BUTLERIceland Okays Whale Hunting Quota of 2,000 Based on Flawed Studies- Expert

It's hard to tell who was more surprised by the situation: the human or the whale. The whales, which can grow up to 55 feet and weigh around 30 tonnes, scoop up large quantities of food by simply opening its mouth near the surface and engulfing what it can.

There was no time for fear. "And once I felt the pressure, I instantly knew that a whale had grabbed me", he recalled. "No broken bones, no cracked ribs so all was good".

The 51-year-old submariner adds: "Nothing can actually prepare you for the event when you end up inside the whale - it's pure instinct".

"It happened extremely fast ..."

Keen to get the best shots, he plunged into the centre of a swirling bait ball - but when the sea suddenly churned, the group realised that something unusual was happening.

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