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(Sure, the video also goes on to promote their government's climate record, but they're actually telling students to stay vocal on climate change).

Hundreds of Humboldt high school students walked out of their classrooms this morning to join the Global Youth Climate Strike - a worldwide protest against climate change, inspired by 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Groups from local high schools and post-secondary schools will leave class and gather at the B.C legislature as part of the Global Climate Strike movement.

"Climate change should be the most important", said Orla Anderson, a sophomore at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Meanwhile, founder of the Strike for Climate movement Greta Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Norway, with MP Freddy André Øvstegård stating that: "We have proposed Greta Thunberg because if we do nothing to halt climate change it will be the cause of wars, conflict and refugees", and that "she has launched a mass movement which I see as a major contribution to peace". Another teen, visiting from Tampa, Florida, climbed a tree for a better vantage point.

In Madrid, some 4,500 young demonstrators hit the streets while another 2,000 gathered in Barcelona, police said.

Like so numerous Portland students around her, Eastman's first foray into protesting came a year ago in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The group mobilized participants via social media.

"This isn't an excuse to get out of school. They didn't care about their future so they didn't try to save this planet for you, '" she said into a megaphone.

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Some adults were more supportive of the demonstration.

SPEAKER: Climate change is a priority of our nation and of our world. But students say that walking out of school makes a bigger impact.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, who recently announced he'd target his sights on a Senate re-election rather than chase a White House bid, also encouraged the youth protests on Twitter.

And they're being considerably more vocal than our own Environment Minister Melissa Price, who has been pretty much MIA on the issue since she was appointed to the role past year.

The UN's climate science panel warned in October that only a wholesale transformation of the global economy and consumer habits could forestall a catastrophe. "Congress needs to take action NOW to address this emergency".

Santamaria rides her bike as much as possible.

Samiha Chatoo, 17, said she understands this change is easier said than done - but this issue is critical. And she's been urging her friends to do the same thing.

Loading the atmosphere with greenhouse gases at current rates will eventually lead to an uninhabitable planet, scientists say. A 7th grade New Yorker started doing it organizing the US rallies. Forty-two percent of that comes from animal agriculture.

Participants in the Portland event wore shirts and held signs that said, "We have until I'm 24 to stop this" and "I'll be 20 when the damage is irreversible".