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US and Canadian airlines that fly the roughly 175-seat aircraft face a logistical challenge: which flights to cancel and which to cover with other planes following the global grounding of Boeing Co.'s 737 MAX jets.

This new information about the potential avoidance of a third Boeing crash came from two sources familiar with the investigation now underway in Indonesia. Ky noted that one Lion Air crew correctly disabled the plane's malfunctioning flight-control system, but not the crew on the next flight, which crashed.

Bloomberg's report found that the pilot on the salvaged flight told the crew to cut power to the motor in the trim system that was driving the nose down - part of a checklist that all pilots are required to memorize.

Boeing Co declined to comment.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined a multi-agency criminal probe into the certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8, following reports that regulators had delegated much of the troubled plane's testing to Boeing itself.

It has come to light that the 737 MAX involved in the Lion Air tragedy previous year nearly crashed the day before.

The crew of the Lion Air Flight may not have been aware that the system was apparently the cause of their flight control problems.

While the first officer did not specify the problem, the source said airspeed was mentioned on the cockpit voice recording, and an indicator showed a problem (Angle of Attack sensor) on the captain's display but not the first officer's. When flight testing revealed an issue with meeting the certification standards, they developed a fix, Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), but did not tell airline pilots about it.

Wheels from the crashed Lion Air flight JT 610
ULET IFANSASTI GETTYWheels from the crashed Lion Air flight JT 610

Authorities have released few details about Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 other than it flew a "very similar" track as the Lion Air planes and then dove sharply into the ground.

On March 27, the same panel, the Senate Commerce subcommittee on aviation and space, also will question U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials.

Similarly to what occurred a day later, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 also ended up being automatically pitched nose down, but the flight crew shut down the MCAS (the anti-stall system) and continued the flight manually, landing "without incident".

The Ethiopian Minister of Transport said preliminary data recovered from the black boxes of the crash in Ethiopia showed similarities to the Air Lion crash.

The captain asked the first officer to check the quick reference handbook, which contains checklists for abnormal events, the first source said.

The Indian-born captain was silent at the end, all three sources said, while the Indonesian first officer said "Allahu Akbar", or "God is greatest", a common Arabic phrase in the majority-Muslim country that can be used to express excitement, shock, praise or distress.

Various firms are reconsidering Boeing orders, and some airlines are revising profit forecasts given they now can not count on maintenance and fuel savings factored in from the MAX.

A Boeing spokesman declined to comment but confirmed the authenticity of the email. None of the 157 on board survived.

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