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One large egg has 186 milligrams of dietary cholesterol in the yolk. A recent study found that egg yolk contains higher level of cholesterol which ultimately increases the chances of heart disease and early death.

Moreover, people who eat three to four eggs per week will be more likely to face a six percent higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, and an nearly eight percent increased the risk of early death.

"The fact that studies outside the US appear to show favorable relationships with egg intake and cardiovascular risk may speak to the importance of what other foods are consumed with eggs as part of the overall diet pattern, as recent research has demonstrated the importance of separating eggs from other foods to understand their independent impact on health outcomes", Rubin said in a statement. That, Allen said, means the association between eggs and heart disease is explained by the cholesterol in the eggs.

The researchers controlled the data to account for other foods in the diet, so while that pile of bacon on your breakfast plate may be a problem, it doesn't exonerate the eggs. Previous studies found that eating eggs did not raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.

"Eggs, specially the yolk, are a major source of dietary cholesterol", wrote Victor Zhong, lead author and a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Overall, these studies describe 5400 cardiovascular events, including 1 302 fatal and non-fatal strokes, 1897 cases of fatal and nonfatal heart failure, and 113 more deaths from heart disease. Risks were found with eggs and cholesterol in general; a separate analysis was not done for every cholesterol-rich food.

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The researchers followed the health condition of approximately 30,000 adults who participated in long-term studies.

However, a brand new examine revealed within the medical journal JAMA re-opens a longstanding debate in regards to the dangers tied to consuming an excessive amount of dietary cholesterol. The research was made by new Northwestern medicine which stated that cholesterol happens to be reasonably high in eggs and specifically yolks. "These new findings present one piece of proof", Allen says.

The study included 29,615 participants from 6 different USA cohorts using data collected between March 25, 1985, and August 31, 2016, a follow up of 17.5 years.

Our study showed if two people had exact same diet and the only difference in diet was eggs, then you could directly measure the effect of the egg consumption on heart disease. It's a toss-up. Eggs are a good source of nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D, the AHA says. Moderation, he added, is "less than one egg a day on average, including eggs in foods such as bread". Self reported data was analyzed using a standardized protocol in this study. WW (formerly Weight Watchers) tells its members to eat eggs with abandon, counting them as a free food in its diet plan.

The study was supported in part by the American Heart Association and by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute grants R21 HL085375, HHSN268201300046C, HHSN268201300047C, HHSN268201300049C, HHSN268201300050C, HHSN268201300048C of the National Institutes of Health.