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The wife of French extremist Jean-Michel Clain told AFP Tuesday that her husband was killed last month in Syria after a coalition strike killed his brother Fabien, another notorious extremist.

There were no signs of combat on Wednesday to allow for evacuations from the ISIS-held pocket in the eastern Syrian village of Baghouz.

The Red Cross' UN observer says the weak and fragile services at the al-Hol camp in north-eastern Syria are on "the brink of collapse" because of a flood of civilians and some Islamic State extremists who have left the extremist group's last besieged enclave in Syria.

SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali said on Twitter that 3,500 people were evacuated from Baghouz on Tuesday alone. Sign-up now and enjoy one (1) week free access!

Lewla Abdullah, an SDF official, said at least three auto bombs had been deployed in the campaign, and at least four SDF fighters and more than 100 IS fighters were killed since Friday.

It's unclear how many ISIS militants and civilians remain inside.

She was speaking at a screening centre run by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish-led force that has spearheaded the military operation against the last dreg of the IS "caliphate".

"More than 800 people exited Baghouz from yesterday until today - IS family members and fighters who surrendered", an SDF spokeswoman told Reuters. They left through a humanitarian corridor established by the Kurdish-led forces for those who want to leave or surrender.

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Among them, ten people "needed urgent medical treatment because of shrapnel or war injuries", the International Relief Committee said.

Militants, the report noted, were escorted to al-Hol camp, with Kurds in control, located in Hasakah, a northeastern province.

The new arrivals have pushed the camp's population to over 56,000, exacerbating already dire conditions at the crammed facility, it said. According to the OCHA, around 90 people, mostly children under the age of five, have died en route to the shelter or shortly after arriving.

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"Everything happens outdoors, there are no houses anymore, everybody lives outside, which is not surprising because we were being bombarded day and night", she said.

The Kurdish-led forces launched their broad offensive on remaining ISIS strongholds in the Euphrates Valley six months ago.

While the group's defeat at Baghouz would mark a milestone in the fight against ISIS, the group is expected to remain an insurgent threat inside Syria and Iraq.