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Disney's "Captain Marvel" finally settled the score on one of Hollywood's biggest misconceptions: Female superheroes can hold their own at the box office.

IMAX Corporation today announced that Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel opened in IMAX theatres this weekend with a $36.1 million global debut, becoming IMAX's fifth biggest opening of all-time and the first non-sequel film to crack the top five.

Captain Marvel (NYSE:DIS) wrapped up a debut at the high end of revised expectations, stomping box-office rivals with a domestic take of $153.4M.

The character is expected to play a key role in Marvel's next film Avengers: Endgame, which is released in the United Kingdom on 25 April. Overseas, "Captain Marvel" pulled in a massive $302 million, including $89 million in China, representing the fifth-highest worldwide opening weekend ever.

Domestically, Captain Marvel grossed $14.1 million on 411 IMAX screens marking IMAX's second-biggest March opening. "Captain Marvel" is no exception, and if you kept your eyes peeled while Carol Danvers was rediscovering her past, you probably caught a lot of easily overlooked details. Captain Marvel made its debut at 7th overall in opening weekends for all Marvel movies. We can only hope that the success they've found with Black Panther and now Captain Marvel means that the heroes of the MCU bring more and more representation to fans of superhero movies. Also, for anyone who knows my taste in film, you know Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time and, as you'll see in the video interview above, that led to a lifelong connection to Jackson who plays Ray Arnold in that film and it really was a treat and honor to get to revisit that with him.

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Internationally, Captain Marvel has grossed an estimated $302 million - meaning it could rake in an estimated total of $455m globally.

Captain Marvel: 1, trolls: 0.

"Captain Marvel", along with DC Comics' "Wonder Woman" in 2017, has been heralded as a landmark for female representation in superhero movies.

Taff declined to address "Captain Marvel" foes but applauded Marvel and Kevin Feige for propelling a movie that expanded the Marvel universe.