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Google has released the first beta version of Android's next major update "Q" on Pixel phones with developer-focused tools as well as compatibility features for foldable phones.

It looks like Google is busy adding a desktop mode similar to Samsung Dex, so you can hook up an external monitor to your Android Q device and use it a bit like a PC.

Android Pie (left, center) and Android Q (right).

Update: You can find the images of the Android Q beta here for flashing manually. While this alleged Pixel 3 Lite XL prototype runs the latest stable OS version (Android 9.0 Pie), its processor and memory count are hardly up to modern standards. To be clear, this just refers to the first developer preview, which means it's primarily for developers because they're probably the only ones who can deal with the risks associated with using unfinished software.

In case you are not receiving the Android Q Beta 1 OTA or you do not want to wait for OTA then there is an alternate method to download and install the Android Q update. The software will also randomize the MAC address by default when you connect the device to different WiFi networks.

I enrolled for the Android P beta, do I need to do it again?

Android 10 design settings
Google Announces Android Q Beta: Faster Apps, Privacy Boosts, and More

But this important change shouldn't overshadow a range of other privacy and security features being added to the mix with Q.

Google is also helping apps take advantage of the new foldable screens, and when a user wants to share content with someone in another app, the process will be quicker and easier with Sharing Shortcuts, which let you jump directly into another app to share content. Users will be able to decide which apps can get access to their location data.

That's pretty much everything there is to say about the new Files app, at least for now, but this is just a small drop in the Android Q beta ocean. The company has detailed some of the most significant features that are brought along with the new OS. Google has also shared the factory system images for all supported device which can be downloaded directly by accessing this URL. Google makes sure to equip the latest version of its operating system with a new user interface and lots of Android-exclusive features that take the user experience of Android powered smartphones to the next level.

Pop ups, like those that one gets treated to when they have apps like Opera News installed, may be a thing of the past when Android Q rolls in later in the year.

Once you've opted in, you should be able to refresh your Apps list in the Play Store app and see an update for the Phone app. These APIs are core to how apps work with the underlying operating system.

Maybe the most interesting new feature is the dark theme, that can be activated only when using battery saver. It could be enabled for all users in the future beta versions.

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