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As long as it's a clear evening, the moon will appear at its biggest and brightest.

The final supermoon of the year will happen on Wednesday, and it's a little unique compared to previous ones. The moon will be approximately 220,000 miles from Earth, however, binoculars or a telescope will come in handy to spot the "Super Worm Moon" on March 20.

2017's "worm moon" rises over Washington.

It will be the first super moon to occur during the March equinox in 19 years, National Geographic reported. Because the moon's orbit is shaped more like an egg, as opposed to a flawless circle.

This marks the first time there's been a supermoon on Day 1 of spring since March 1981.

Another spatial event will happen on March 21-22.

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The March full moon is also sometimes referred to as the "sap moon" as it marks the time of year when sugar maples begin to release their sap. What's the science? Well according to NASA, these are a few of the contributing factors that make a boring, regular moon; super.

The "Worm Moon" reportedly got its name due to the ground beginning to thaw and earthworms reappearing, according to the Old Farmers Almanac. Moonrise will happen soon after, but will vary depending on your location.

In Denver, the moon will rise at 6:59 p.m., 12 minutes before sunset.

If you can't achieve autofocus then use your live view screen, zoom in on the moon using the live view screen and adjust your focus.

The "super worm equinox moon", as it's known, follows January's "super blood wolf moon" and February's "super snow moon".

What will the super worm moon look like?