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The speech was delayed for a week because of the shutdown, which ended on Jan 25.

Like Trump, Gabbard favors a quick withdrawal of US troops from Syria, but she fears that the president's "hasty" decision to pull all soldiers from that country will leave Kurdish forces battling the remnants of the Islamic State "vulnerable to slaughter by Turkey's President Erdogan".

She has shown no sign of budging from her opposition to Trump's wall-funding demand. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who stood by Trump during the shutdown, said Tuesday that his top priority is forging a bipartisan House-Senate agreement, not placating Trump. Trump has devoted his presidency to an own goal. Instead he will urge a congressional committee to work out a border security deal by February 15.

US President Donald Trump, second right, and Vice President Mike Pence, second left, meet with then-Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, right, and then-House minority leader Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office of the White House, December 11, 2018, in Washington.

Immigration and border security is expected to be a major theme of Trump's second State of the Union address.

"To every Republican, if you don't stand behind this president, we're not going to stand behind you, when it comes to the wall", he said in Greenville, South Carolina.

With the budget deadline approaching and Democrats refusing to compromise on funding for a border wall, President Trump is promising to secure the border by sending thousands more soldiers in lieu of an actual barrier.

Trump invited an elderly Jewish man who survived the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

Trump's message could also be undermined by his threats to go his own way on the long-promised wall if he cannot get Congress to approve the funding he wants.

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Trump was not expected to issue the emergency declaration in his speech, according to four people familiar with his plans who were not authorized to preview his remarks. Such a move would "upend" the balance of powers between the White House and Congress, Republican Senator Susan Collins told reporters on Tuesday.

At the moment, they're able to hide in plain sight by not quite endorsing those tactics, but not being forced to commit potential suicide by directly opposing Trump and losing support from the MAGA base. He also will give an update on trade talks with the Chinese. He was released in January as the first person granted clemency by the bipartisan First Step Program, the White House has said.

Negotiations between the President's administration and the Democratic house have remained at a standstill since late past year, over allocating $5.7bn of the state budget toward a border wall.

The source said Trump would discuss troop drawdowns in Syria and Afghanistan and that about half the speech would be devoted to foreign policy.

Stacey Abrams, an increasingly popular Democrat and former gubernatorial candidate, will deliver the Democrats' response to Trump's speech.

Inching toward executive action even as many Rs grumble...

The US president's political opponents invited transgender soldiers, climate change scientists and undocumented migrants to the address, underscoring their rejection of key parts of his policy agenda.

One official briefed on the speech said Trump is also likely to deride recent Democratic state legislative efforts to pass late-term abortion legislation and appeared particularly animated about the topic at a White House meeting Monday afternoon.