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Samsung Electronics Co.is examining a new naming arrangement for its next generation flagship phones following the launch of its Galaxy S10 series devices last week, a corporate source said Sunday. While it is possible this could be a fake it appears to be authentic and the timing of the advert installation coincides with the announcement.

While this concept looks more impressive than the Galaxy Folds approach with a discrete phone screen, Huawei approach means the foldable screen will remain unprotected when set down. Xiaomi have a tri-fold design with the outer edges folding back around on themselves. Using its charger, Huawei says the Mate X can charge to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes.

The possibility of cheaper Huawei foldable phones was one new Mate X detail that trickled out at a small group session for journalists after Huawei's press conference here in Barcelona.

Foldable phones are shocking, and not just because they introduce a completely new design.

When it's folded out into a tablet, the screen becomes an 8-inch tablet.

What's great about this particular foldable phone is that the camera acts both as the front and rear camera, depending on what you need from it.

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If the advertisement is real, the Chinese vendor has made a decision to name the upcoming device the Huawei Mate X. It'll also come with 5G support, which jives with what Huawei has previously said about the mysterious product. When unfolded, though, it's incredibly thin at 5.4mm.

In phone form the Mate X has a big screen: it looks like a slightly chunky 6.6-inch phone, really. The Donald Trump administration has accused the Chinese firm of being a security threat and encouraged mobile operators in the U.S., Europe and other countries to break off relations with Huawei.

Aside from that, there are also suggestions that it will sport a triple-rear camera, a fingerprint scanner located at the side and possibly a notch up front, BGR.com reported.

The specs for the Mate X include Huawei's high-performing Kirin 980 processor, a Balong 5000 5G modem with a max speed of 4.6Gbps, two batteries with a total 4,500mAh capacity. Huawei said it has an advantage over other companies launching 5G devices because it provides the full-range of equipment needed to get wireless networks up and running.

The Mate X comes in interstellar blue (the little of it that isn't screen), though that's hard to see in real life.