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Baghdad is firing back on Monday with calls to potentially boot US troops out of Iraq in response to President Donald Trump's comments that he wants to keep them there to "watch Iran".

But Trump's comments to CBS could undermine those negotiations by inflaming fears among Iraqis that US military activity in Iraq will be aimed at checking Iran, and not defeating ISIL, the Times said.

General Joseph L. Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command, told senators Tuesday that Trump did not consult him before making his announcement that he planned to bring U.S. troops home from Syria "now". "It's perfectly situated for looking at all over different parts of the troubled Middle East rather than pulling up", Trump said. "He's humiliating the Iraqi government because they don't recognize the U.S. presence as being a presence to monitor a neighboring country, and they humiliate the Iraqi government in the eyes of Iraqis who do not want their country occupied by Americans".

"We have very fast airplanes, we have very good cargo planes".

Taking aim at Trump and the U.S., Salih added: "Don't overburden Iraq with your own issues".

Former Iraq Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi‏ chimed in as well, writing on Twitter: "Iraqi sovereignty must be respected".

Trump initially said the withdrawal from Syria should be immediate but he has since said it would be gradual.

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The border area was a flashpoint during decades of conflict in Northern Ireland that cost 3,700 lives. The backstop and the withdrawal agreement have been supported by business bodies in Northern Ireland.

Two attacks by the Islamic State in Iraq occurred this weekend, targeting oil police and other security forces, local media report.

"If they are slaughtered by the Turks within reasonable proximity to our leaving, it will be a stain on our honor of this country that will persist ... in our ability to attract allies to assist us in future projects of this kind", King said.

"This is a key task that we are looking at right now, and that is the protection of people who have fought valiantly with us, and ensuring that they remain safe as our diplomats, the United States and others pursue a diplomatic solution", Votel replied.

US military commanders rely heavily on Syrian forces to gather intelligence from information and material gathered from the battlefield, but also a wide-range of informers with firsthand knowledge about ISIS operations.

It said the group was interested in attacking aviation and using chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials and that there were up to 18,000 ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria, including up to 3,000 foreign fighters. "We're going to have a strong border". His visit sparked outrage in Iraq when he failed to meet with any Iraqi officials. He alleged PMF fighters stopped the survey operation after USA troops reached the Presidential Palace area near the Mosul Hotel where a PMF headquarter is based. ISIS would depict a US pullout from Syria as a win in its global propaganda outlets.

USA officials tell Reuters that the military has already started the withdrawal process, adding hundreds of troops to Syria to facilitate a safe pullout.

Ridwan al-Anzi, the deputy head of PMF's Nineveh Operations, claimed the USA troops ended their survey operation after the PMF warned them and blocked the road leading into the Presidential Palace area.