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Moscow denies flouting the 1987 pact.

Rather than addressing USA concerns, Russian Federation chose to claim that US ballistic missile defense targets, Aegis Ashore missile defense systems in Poland and Romania, and armed UAVs violate the treaty.

The INF agreement forbids ground-launched, short- and intermediate-range missiles, but not those launched from the air or sea. Such weapons were seen as particularly destabilizing as they only take a few minutes to reach their targets, leaving no time for decision-makers and raising the likelihood of a global nuclear conflict over a false launch warning. Russian Federation said it would do the same, though many suspect they already have the missiles built. He pointed out that experts were suggesting that the US would also end the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which is set to expire in 2021.

"Crossroads is a good word to describe where this decision puts us", says Thomas Countryman, a former acting undersecretary of state for arms control and worldwide security.

The US itself is already allocating funds for new missile research and development.

But the Trump administration has hinted it would only be interested in saving a treaty that was expanded to include not just the United States and Russian Federation but China and other countries that have deployed mid-range ground-launched cruise missiles. He also said the range of land-based missile complexes that are now in development will need to be increased, as well.

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Lavrov at Saturday's meeting voiced concerns that Washington's decision to withdraw from the INF could jeopardise the extension of the New START treaty.

It comes amid spiralling tensions between Russian Federation and the US.

"It can not be excluded that one of the Poseidon with a 100 megaton nuclear warhead will lay low off the U.S. coast, becoming 'the doomsday weapon.' Thus an attack on Russian Federation, will become a suicidal misadventure", the paper states. Russian Federation fielded counterclaims to the United States regarding the implementation of the INF Treaty.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L), has approved plans for the development of new missiles with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. But Shoigu said Tuesday such weapons need to be designed now.

The United States and Russian Federation both announced over the weekend that they will suspend a major nuclear weapons agreement, known as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a decision that has triggered grave concerns over the possibility of a new arms race between the world's two largest nuclear powers. The reports are believed to be meant to restrain the U.S.by emphasizing the performance of the latest weapon. "Let's wait until our partners are mature enough to conduct an equal and substantive dialogue on those issues", he said. "We can not be the only country in the world unilaterally bound by this treaty, or any other".

He noted Shoigu's report that a key stage in testing of the Poseidon was completed several days ago.