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Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, once the most powerful drug lord in the world, was convicted in New York City on all counts on February 11.

Jurors in federal court in Brooklyn found Guzman, 61, guilty on all 10 counts.

Richard Donoghue, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of NY, said he expected Guzman to receive life without parole when sentenced on June 25.

Guzman faced a drumbeat of drug-trafficking and conspiracy convictions that could put the 61-year-old escape artist behind bars for decades in a maximum-security US prison selected to thwart another one of the breakouts that embarrassed his native country.

The trial, which featured testimony from more than 50 witnesses, offered the public an unprecedented look at the inner workings of the Sinaloa Cartel, named for the state in northwestern Mexico where Guzman was born in a poor mountain village.

The worldwide notoriety of Guzman was boosted by two escapes from Mexican custody, one in 2001 and another one in 2015 - through a 1.5km underground tunnel large enough to ride a motorcycle.

During the trial, more than 50 witnesses testified to the Sinaloa cartel leader's willingness to use violence against enemies of a cartel that prosecutors say smuggled at least 200 tons of cocaine into the USA for more than two decades.

Lichtman said the defense "fought like complete savages" and will appeal the case.

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U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan told the jurors after the verdict that it was up to them to decide to talk to the media, but that he would advise against it.

Guzmán, once listed on Forbes' Billionaires List, has always been a slippery and near-mythical figure. It later dropped him from the list, saying it was too hard to quantify his assets.

Jurors heard more than 200 hours of testimony, including allegations by his former henchmen. A spokesman for the ex-president has denied the claim.

The defense team called only one witness and was trying question the credibility of prosecution witnesses during the trial. Another day, a Chapo-size actor who played the kingpin in the TV series "Narcos: Mexico" came to watch, telling reporters that seeing the defendant flash him a smile was "surreal".

Despite his ties to government officials, Guzman often lived on the run.

This came after his second, short-lived escape from prison. He escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001 in a laundry cart and again in 2015 through a tunnel. He was finally recaptured in January 2016.

The cartel boss, who infamously escaped from jail twice, ran a global drug empire and had amassed a fortune of billions of dollars.

Together, they are the biggest producers of drugs sold on US streets.