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Not a day passes without outraged sportswriters expressing mock concern that Major League Baseball's owners are on the cusp of collusion charges because Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, the top free agents this postseason, have yet to receive bloated 10-year contracts.

This Harper saga doesn't appear anywhere close to finished, even with spring training starting off this week.

Nightengale, speaking on KNBR 680 in San Francisco, says the Dodgers and Nationals are out of the race, making it a two-team race between the Phils and Giants. In Machado and Harper's case, teams are not concerned over their current level of play, instead, they are hesitant because of what analytics tell us about how they may perform in their 30's.

Philadelphia is largely expected to land one of the star free agents, and most of the signs are pointing toward them getting Harper. The veteran pitcher is certain the outfielder will improve their team but is certain they already have what it takes to win this year.

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Mario Dion, Canada's independent ethics commissioner, said on Monday he was probing allegations of possible wrongdoing by senior officials.

But this all makes us wonder ... just what the heck are teams waiting for?

Machado's batting average last season was.297 which isn't the best, but for a guy who wants more than $175 million. Alonso is Machado's brother-in-law and Jay is a long-time friend of the 26-year-old shortstop. He had amassed 25.7 fWAR by then, a number one prospect and talk of his status as Willie Mays' heir apparent.

DraftKings sportsbook bumped the Phillies' World Series futures odds up to +1200.

I've no beef with baseball's Players' Union, but it's ludicrous to think that the America's less glamorous union members would raise the ghost of John Lewis to support a strike.