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Now reports states that Microsoft is preparing to end support for the Windows 10 Mobile by the end of this year. A less generous interpretation is that Nadella needs to support Microsoft's stratospheric share price by reducing R&D and other development expenses and slim-lining the company, thereby increasing profits even while revenue growth slows.

"Of course we'll continue to support the platform. bug fixes, security updates, etc". However, the support continued for the devices, until Microsoft ceased support for Windows 8.1 Mobile in 2017.

Microsoft will stop issuing security updates to smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile on December 10, 2019, and it officially recommends you switch to Android or iOS devices by that time. Third parties or paid support programs may provide ongoing support, we're told, but these won't be publically provided updates. Without users, app developers had little reason to port their apps onto the Windows Phone operating system.

In addition to this, the company is also focusing on revamping the "Start" function reliability and on adding advanced font management options as part of the April update for Windows 10.

Windows Mobile had some positives, but an app ecosystem wasn't one of them, and buying a Windows phone nearly always meant not relying on apps, and getting a less impressive experience than counterparts on Android and iOS. Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore said it would no longer build new features or hardware for the operating system. That explains Satya's recent comments, for example, regarding Cortana - Microsoft's more than capable digital assistant for which the company went so far as to hire a team of writers, creatives, playwrights and more to give her a winsome, likable personality to complement her usefulness. Settings backups will continue until March 10, 2020, along with backups for select apps.

Seoul, Washington Hold Talks on Cooperation with North Korea
While such an encounter was being discussed, it has not yet been confirmed, the person familiar with the matter said. Choe is Biegun's opposite number but has played a highly limited role in recent diplomacy between the US and DPRK.

If you recall, back in December, Microsoft began making the major OS update available to what it called "advanced" users who manually clicked the "Check for Updates" button in Windows Update.

The company has also stated that it will also be phasing out its built-in backup tool after the support ends.

Even though Windows Phone and Windows Mobile were responsible for some neat styles sporting heavy contrast and some cheap devices, it failed to gain traction, partly because app developers just didn't make the jump. When we say it's not competitive with Alexa, Microsoft can say "it's not supposed to be".

What about the app support on Windows Mobile devices?

Interestingly, Microsoft has worked hard on cross-platform support for their leading products such as Microsoft Word and entire Office suite.