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Elizabeth Warren risked political backlash here by opting to avoid a trip to Iowa during the critical midterm elections - the only major potential 2020 candidate to do so. "I think it's even more important than usual, because of how fast the calendar plays out", Trippi said, explaining that a win in Iowa might help candidates pick up a pile of delegates in California's primary, which is scheduled to begin early voting the same day as the Iowa caucuses. Her husband declines a beer for himself. "Anybody can look at it", she said.

Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California, have already been to Iowa, the hires make clear that Warren intends to compete in the state.

"We need a trade policy that is not decided by tweet", she said to cheers.

The move backfired on Warren, who was criticized for badly miscalculating. She was afraid Warren might come off as angry, but "that's not anger, that's passion".

"I think that's excellent", she said.

The response echoes an effort campaign exploratory committee made earlier this week, deflecting concerns about Warren's claims to Native American ancestry by comparing those concerns to "birtherism", or the theory among first Clinton-supporting Democrats and then Republicans that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya not Hawaii, and was operating under a fake or forged birth certificate.

Warren has the benefit of higher name recognition than many others in the Democratic mix for 2020, thanks to her years as a prominent critic of Wall Street who originally conceived of what became the government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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The Massachusetts Democrat has previously addressed the backlash to the DNA test results she released in October that showed "strong evidence" she had a Native American ancestor - six to ten generations ago. Warren had sent staff and resources to the state and to the Democratic party here but, facing her own reelection, she didn't campaign on the ground for any candidates.

'My decision was to put it all out there, ' Warren said. It was also meant to silence the president's favorite nickname for the Harvard Law professor - "Pocahontas". (Well, she's formed an explatory committee, which is a bit like saying you're thinking about a vacation as you board the plane to Miami).

She says she has no doubt the MA senator would do a good job. A number of university officials referred to her as a Native American, with an article included in 1997 Fordham University Law Review calling her Harvard's "first woman of color", the New York Times reported back in 2012. Warren instead urged Congress to act to protect the special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Warren's campaign message to really just one central theme, it is this idea that the middle class is under attack, you know, largely because of corporate greed and corruption.

While Warren has received backlash within the party for her handling of the DNA test, some other voters who came to see her in Iowa say her overall approach and message competes with the president's.

"Today a minimum wage job in America full-time will not keep a momma and a baby out of poverty and that is wrong and that is why I'm in this fight", Senator Warren said. I am not a citizen of a tribe.

That poll found 65 percent of likely caucus-goers viewed Warren favorably, and 20 percent saw her unfavorably.

Warren said that she initially claimed Native American ancestry because she grew up in Oklahoma, where many people trace their roots to indigenous cultures. "I don't have any power to do that", she told the audience. One of her most significant competitors could be Sen. We're looking ahead to 2020.