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The US government shutdown over President Donald Trump's demand for border wall funding became the longest in the modern era as it stretched into its 22nd day Saturday with no end in sight.

Nine of 15 cabinet-level departments have been closed since December 22, after Trump refused to sign a stopgap spending bill that didn't satisfy his demand for at least $5 billion to fund a wall along the southwest border.

Despite Trump's calls for Democrats to negotiate, Democratic leaders said it was the president who walked out of their last meeting, calling the negotiations a waste of time, according to news reports.

President Donald Trump is pushing back against the idea that he doesn't have a strategy to end the partial government shutdown, now into its fourth week. Another Republican, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that Trump is "willing to meet in the middle" to end a partial United States government shutdown, now at a record 23rd day.

Mr Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he had urged the president on Sunday to temporarily reopen government to get negotiations started again. "That's why I'm depressed".

Forty-eight percent of independents blame Trump, compared to 34 percent who blame congressional Democrats and 14 percent who blame both sides.

But Trump has turned his single-minded push for more walls into a political crusade that opponents say is a stunt to stoke xenophobia in his right-wing voter base while willfully ignoring the border's complex realities. "They never got it done - I will". "We believe the government should be opened".

Border support  opposition
Border support opposition

With the exception of certain local employees overseas, the rest are working without pay, like those tasked with supporting Pompeo's trip, which has thus far taken him to Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Bahrain, with additional stops to come. Some Republicans are wary, too, fearing how a future Democratic president might use that authority. "[White House] but me, and I do have a plan on the Shutdown", Trump said.

The shutdown on Saturday became the longest USA government closure of the modern era, exceeding the 1995-96 funding lapse. In addition, 52 percent of respondents said that they did not consider the situation at the US-Mexico border to be a crisis, with only 45 percent describing it as one. The proportion of TSA workers on unscheduled leave on Saturday was 5.6 percent, compared with 3.3 percent on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, TSA spokesman Michael Bilello said in a tweet.

The airport said it would reopen the concourse on Monday and "continue to monitor checkpoint staffing levels and make adjustments as necessary".

"It is actually a national security crisis because of the people that are coming across", he said.

Johnson also suggested that Congress pass legislation to pay federal employees who are now working without pay. "$1 for a wall when in the past Democrats have appropriated billions for the wall", Graham said, noting that Trump is "not going to give in" on the fight for border security yet.

"Democrats are saying that DACA is not worth it and don't want to include in talks".

Such a step would allow Mr Trump to bypass Congress and tap various pots of unspent federal money, including for military construction and disaster relief and from assets seized by law enforcement, to pay for the wall.

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