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For more information on influenza or the availability of flu vaccine, Kentuckians should contact their primary care medical provider or local health department.

In 1918, H1N1 flu killed 50 million people around the world.

More than half of reported cases affected children, according to the state's most recent influenza update.

As of December 22, 2018, the most recent date for which statistics are available, there have been 461 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza in Delaware.

The report said most colds don't result in more serious health problems that lead to hospital visits.

"We have 268 confirmed cases of flu in Jackson County right now, which a year ago, we were much higher", Landrum said. When that strain predominated, almost 1 million Americans were hospitalized and 80,000 died.

The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot; the shot is safe for children older than 6 months, and for pregnant women as well.

"The numbers that we're seeing right now we would normally see at the end of January", she said. It is not too late to protect yourself and others this flu season. A total of 12 children had died from the flu at the end of week 51 previous year.

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Flu season is underway and health officials continue to stress the importance of getting the flu vaccine.

For more information about flu surveillance in DE, read the weekly flu report at dhss.delaware.gov/dph/epi/influenzawkly.html. He calls it a typical progression and stresses it's certainly not too late to get a flu shot, which is the best preventive measure.

Dr. Genes says it's important to get vaccinated. This year, Pedati says the vaccine is doing well against the virus strain. The CDC recommends widespread vaccination as a cost-effective guard against pandemics.

"Flu is likely very underreported", Galbraith said.

"At this point, most flu activity has been driven by illness in school-aged children, and hospitalization rates among children younger than 5 years old (7.7 per 100,000) are now the highest among all age groups".

"With many other diseases, if we could tell you that you could take one shot that would reduce your risk of dying or going to the doctor, or even getting infected with this disease by 30 percent, that's as good as many other interventions that we have on the market".

The silver lining this flu season is that the strain found this year is the same from last year. The bad news is that there's a long way to go.