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Can Donald Trump be indicted while in office? He pretends that information prosecutors provided in recent filings in the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort cases "totally clears" him.

But Trump denied the payments constituted a violation of USA campaign financing laws.

In marked contrast, though, when it was discovered that Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign was guilty of violations involving almost $2 million - an amount that dwarfs the $280,000 in Cohen's case - the Obama Justice Department decided not to prosecute.

(Trump denies that these alleged affairs occurred, and says he did not know about the payments when they occurred.) The SDNY's sentencing memo thus implicates Trump in at least three crimes.

Christie said that while he's always thought that the "Michael Cohen situation was much more perilous for the White House than was Bob Mueller", that the Mueller investigation remains a threat to Trump.

"We have been discussing the issue of pardons the president may offer to people or dangle in front of people", Adam Schiff, who is likely to be the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in a Democrat controlled Congress said over the weekend.

As more evidence of collusion between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump emerged Friday, pundits wondered just how compromised the Trump administration is by the 2016 campaign's links to Russian Federation.

Mr Cohen said he never followed up on that meeting.

George H.W. Bush
Upon her death, a spokesman for George Sr said he was "broken-hearted to lose his beloved wife of 73 years". At the time of his death, Bush was the American president to have lived the longest.

In the filings, prosecutors in NY for the first time linked Mr Trump to a federal crime of illegal payments to buy the silence of two women during the 2016 campaign.

Speaking on "Fox and Friends" Sunday, McCarthy explained he doesn't believe Trump will be indicted as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which is investigating potential collusion and obstruction of justice.

"Lawyer's liability if (Cohen) made a mistake, not me".

Under U.S. law, campaign contributions, defined as things of value given to a campaign to influence an election, must be disclosed. "Cohen just trying to get his sentence reduced". The president's mendacity is so aggressive, his malfeasance so common, that his everyday behavior no longer surprises and these days rarely elicits condemnation from other Republicans.

But President Trump is now arguing that the pay-off was a "simple private transaction" and Democrats "wrongly call it a campaign contribution...which it is not".

New York Times columnist Jim Rutenberg noted in response to Trump's morning tweet, "In Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal hush $ deals prosecutors didn't see 'simple transactions, ' they saw a brazen effort to deceive the voting public through illegal means meant to hide that deception from campaign disclosure requirements".

He touted his administration's accomplishments, claiming his administration has "accomplished more than any other U.S. administration" in its first two years.

The incoming Democrat-led House will certainly be considering this question.