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The child that suffered a facial injury was treated by border patrol agents, according to CBP.

Migrants, part of a caravan of thousands from Central America trying to reach the United States, are seen in San Diego County, U.S., after crossing illegally from Mexico to the U.S.by jumping a border fence, photographed through the border wall in Tijuana, Mexico, December 3, 2018.

Also Saturday, in one of his first acts in office, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador signed an agreement with his counterparts from three Central American countries to establish a development plan to stem the flow of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.

Fox News reports border patrol agents in the Yuma Sector said they detained 654 people - most reportedly being family units or unaccompanied minors from Guatemala - in just two days last month. Although a few tried to escape, most walked over to the officials to turn themselves in.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum said it is costing the city $25,000 per day to feed and house the 7,000 migrants now in the city.

New North American Trade Pact Signed
Trump praised the deal in the lavish language he uses when touting one of his administration's accomplishments. Trudeau, however, was much more blunt, calling the GM job losses a "heavy blow ".

Ninety minutes later, she and her family were over the fence. Mexican authorities arrested and deported those they considered responsible for compromising the city's commitment to public order. They were well organized.

Border Patrol agents arrested the woman November 26 after she entered the country illegally near Imperial Beach, California, across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday. "They were brought to the border by a group that told them they would be able to cross easily into the U.S.to present asylum claims, and that's not the case". All six were taken into custody.

The commissioner added that these scenarios are being played out every day at the border.

"On Monday, a number of the asylum seekers who had been waiting in the Mexican border town of Tijuana to make their asylum claims climbed over the border fence, despite being nearly certain to face detention by US authorities on the other side", writes Newsweek. "It's a huge challenge that we need to work with Congress to address", he explained. And members of the Tijuana medical association are offering discounts and benefits for local and USA patients to try to make up for lost business.