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In October, North and South Korea agreed to begin work on reconnecting inter-Korean railways and roads, nearly 70 years after they were severed.

Lee Jae-jeong, the superintendent of Gyeonggi Province Office of Education, will propose a plan for South Korean students to visit the North at Wednesday's railroad groundbreaking ceremony, the education office said Tuesday.

A groundbreaking ceremony has now taken place in North Korea, attended by delegates from each country.

At the event, they were joined by Ri Son-gwon, chairman of the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, and Vice Railway Minister Kim Yun-hyok, who led a delegation of some 100 North Koreans.

A unification ministry official said that her attendance reflects the fact that the Korean Peninsula issues are not confined to Asia, as they require global cooperation on matters related to denuclearization and sanctions.

The two Koreas held a symbolic event Wednesday to signal the start of their grand project to reconnect severed inter-Korean railways.

"But given the absence of actual construction, the North will keep pressing the South to make it happen despite sanctions, in line with Kim's efforts to shore up his regime", he added.

Cheon said that was the ultimate goal of the 1991 joint North and South Korean declaration, but Pyongyang ignored the statement and continued to develop its programs, all the while telling Seoul and Washington they were abandoning them.

North Korea's vice railways minister Kim Yun-hyok on his part called for overcoming the unfriendly worldwide atmosphere.

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The continued entreaties by South Korea to engage its neighbor come as concern mounts in Washington that the warming of relations is speeding ahead despite stalled talks between the USA and North Korea.

The leaders of the two Koreas agreed in April to modernize and connect roads and railways across their border, a project aimed at fostering balanced development and co-prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.

Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya told reporters, "Eventually, I want to establish a forward-looking relationship (with South Korea) by exchanging opinions between the relevant authorities".

Moon's rapprochement toward North Korea included three summits with Kim Jong Un this year, but have been limited by worldwide sanctions and the slowing pace of diplomacy between the two sides.

Following a rapid rapprochement earlier this year that culminated in a historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, progress has stalled with both sides accusing each other of dragging their feet and acting in bad faith.

A South Korean defense official said Monday that one of its destroyers was using radar to search for a drifting North Korean ship.

South Korea and the DPRK have conducted joint inspections on railways and roads in the DPRK territory, but they were carried out only after the United States gave them a green light.

"Denuclearization was coined by Washington", Cheon said, referring to a process whereby "South Korea and North Korea give up all forms of nuclear position, including uranium enrichment and reprocessing facilities that can be devoted to military purposes".

Even without the sanctions, the existing infrastructure in the North needs to be updated before it can handle railway traffic from South Korea.