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MS voters will head to the polls in the final midterm race of the election season.

Trump appeared at two large, boisterous rallies in Biloxi and Tupelo, Mississippi, for Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is in a close race against black Democrat Mike Espy in the deep South state. She said the "public hanging" comment was "an exaggerated expression of regard" for a fellow cattle rancher.

"When he shows up, of course he's going to fire up the Republican base", said Bobby Moak, the state Democratic Party chairman.

"If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row", Hyde-Smith is heard saying in the video.

The senator's comment evoked the lynching of African Americans in a state whose past is rife with racial violence. Cory Booker (D-NJ), both potential 2020 presidential candidates, have visited MS during the runoff election to campaign on behalf of Espy.

Mr Espy condemned his rival's comment as "reprehensible"; Ms Hyde-Smith maintained there was no "negative connotation".

President Donald Trump fired up a MS rally crowd Monday by referring to barbed-wire fences erected by military troops along the U.S. -Mexico border as "pretty nasty". He spent far more time than usual pleading for votes for Hyde-Smith, in contrast to his rallies before the November 6 vote, when he generally focused his praise on himself and sometimes ignored the candidates he was supposedly promoting. No surprise there. To see her full videos, flip page. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and "the legendary Maxine Waters", drawing resounding boos - even though Trump has said that Pelosi deserves to become the next House speaker and that he could even find Republican members to vote for her.

On Monday, several nooses were found at the MS capitol in Jackson in an apparent protest against the tone of the election. One sign said MS needs a senator "who respects the lives of lynch victims".

At a campaign event at Mississippi State University November 3, Hyde-Smith expressed support for efforts to suppress voter turnout on other campuses-i.e., the historically black colleges and universities in the state, outside the two main public colleges, MSU and the University of Mississippi. "I have stood up for you and you know I will continue to stand up for the conservative values of MS". The GOP lost control of the House, where Democrats will assume the majority in January.

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Trippi advised Jones during his improbable win in Alabama previous year, and emphasized that Jones won by only 23,000 votes despite facing a historically bad opponent who motivated Democratic voters and depressed GOP turnout.

Hyde-Smith, who originally was elected to the Mississippi State Senate as a Democrat, switched parties in 2010 and was elected state agriculture commissioner in 2011, the first woman elected to that office.

Google confirmed to Gizmodo that it asked for a refund of the campaign donation to Hyde-Smith.

"We can't afford a senator who embarrasses us and reinforces the stereotypes we've worked so hard to overcome", one ad for the Democrat said. But if black voters rise to 40 percent of the electorate and Espy wins 9 out of 10, he needs less than a quarter of white votes to squeak out a victory. And the simplest, most common reason why they support her?

Last year, Democrat Doug Jones was able to flip a Republican-controlled Senate seat in Alabama after the Republican nominee, Roy Moore, was accused of sexual misconduct and assault dating back decades.

Why is the election still ongoing?

One sign referred to the Tuesday runoff between appointed Republican Sen.

Under the state's law, if no candidate wins over 50% of the votes, a runoff election must take place. Espy is a former congressman and US agriculture secretary who has been dogged by ethics problems. Espy is trying for the same kind of longshot win fellow Democrat Doug Jones had almost a year ago in neighboring Alabama, another conservative Deep South state where Republicans hold most statewide offices.