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But reviewers have also caught one particular hiccup with the new iPad: though it features a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port for the first time, that new connector isn't compatible with external storage. Helping prevent hackers from using a MacBook's microphone to listen in on users is the new T2 security chip, which disconnects the mic at a hardware level whenever the lid is closed.

Dongle life is either something you've accepted or avoided, and if you happen to be in the former camp HyperDrive has a hub just for you and your new iPad Pro.

Viewsonic's M1 somehow makes the flawless companion to the new iPad Pro. A Beyerdynamic USB-C microphone only worked when we used an A-to-C cable plugged into a hub.

The 2018 lineup of iPad Pro does not come in gold or rose gold (we've filed a radar about it), but you're not completely lost. The new Pencil will not work on old iPad Pros and the old Pencil does not work on the new model. "The iPad Pro has a clear lead over PCs there".

Here are some of the low-resolution images of the iPad Pro 2018 wallpapers set.

You'll no longer be able to plug headphones into this device without an adaptor - Apple has removed the 3.5mm jack from this tablet - and there's no adaptor in the box.

Projected: Democrats successfully seize control of US House
But the GOP gained ground in the Senate and preserved key governorships, beating back a "blue wave" that never fully materialized. Texas elected two Latina congresswomen, Iowa sent its first two women to the House and MA elected its first black congresswoman.

Some potential iPad Pro buyers might be won over by changes to the Apple Pencil alone.

The Apple Pencil has received favorable early reviews from those who've had a chance to tinker with it, especially for the ease with which the magnetic grip of the iPad allows the Pencil to effortlessly attach and stay attached and charge. It doesn't have the same stunning effect you get from an OLED display, such as you'll find on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and given the high price the new iPad Pro commands, not having the best screen technology irks.

Mashable is impressed by Face IDs ability to work in any orientation (and questions why the new iPhones cant do that as well), but notes a potential issue – depending on how you hold the tablet, you can cover up the TrueDepth camera with your hand. A primarily touch-screen interface is still alien to many workflows.

The new iPad Pro requires an upgraded Smart Keyboard Folio for typing.

But according to Apple Insider, the iPad Pro 2018 may be worth its price considering what it can do.

iMore's Rene Richie writes, "Apple's doing all the color management and individual color calibration you expect here, so iPad Pro looks dead accurate - so much so that, like iPhone XR, it can be hard to tell Apple LCD from Apple OLED in anything but the deep blacks and the off-axis".