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Control of both houses of the US Congress, now dominated by Republicans, and 36 governors' offices will be at stake when Americans vote in Tuesday's elections. His late strategy seems to be all about motivating the base for key red-state Senate races. Democrats and liberal activists, galvanized by opposition to Mr. Trump, gathered Saturday to knock on doors and make turnout calls from Pennsylvania to IL to Washington to try to erase the G.O.P.'s 23-seat House majority.

"While many states are updating decades-old pay equity laws, there has been no progress in strengthening federal equal-pay laws - and in fact, there's evidence we're moving in the wrong direction", said Kimberly Churches, CEO of the American Association of University Women which has conducted extensive research on the gender wage gap in the US.

"How do they counter that?"

"The barbed wire can be a pretty thing when it is well laid", said the 45th U.S. president.

The spike shows how Trump's successful use of fear-mongering about crime and immigration during his 2016 presidential bid has resurrected crime as a political issue in the United States, despite the overall crime rate remaining low and largely unchanged over the course of the past decade.

For the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, renewed for two years, the race focuses on sixty constituencies, the others being fairly solidly anchored in one party or the other.

Tucker Carson pointed out seeing only Republicans being tossed out of restaurants by "screaming progressives" and "a news account of a Republican congressman named Steve Scalise was shot with a high-powered rifle by a Bernie Sanders supporter".

At one recent rally, Obama said, "We have seen repeated attempts to divide us with rhetoric created to make us angry and make us fearful, that's created to exploit our history of racial and ethnic and religious division".

China Trade War Not Ending Soon
Trump has also threatened to impose tariffs on the remaining goods imports from China, which past year were worth $505 billion. ENERGY: Benchmark U.S. crude added 6 cents to $67.10 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The appearance was meant to boost the campaign of Matt Rosendale, the Republican state auditor challenging Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester. The duo has been locked in a tight race for months. "It'll be bad for the country, the Democrats".

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the state's new district map earlier this year in a ruling that later survived a Republican challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court. "Republicans believe we must defend our borders".

He didn't single out any of the Democrats who are thought to be considering challenging Trump for the presidency in two years. His stops include Florida, Montana, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.

For the president, who has visited the state to weigh in on the race several times, this one is personal. Tester brought to public light allegations from whistleblowers about questionable management and conduct against Jackson that led to his decision to step aside. "That's what's going to happen", Trump said at a rally to boost GOP Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey and House hopeful Carol Miller.

In recent weeks, he has told reporters he sees the issue as a winning one for his party. It includes scenes of a migrant caravan moving toward the USA, warning ominously, "Who else would Democrats let in?" and suggesting that more violence would soon penetrate the border. He has warned the migrants to avoid throwing rocks at US border security and military personnel, saying they will treat projectile stones as "firearms". At past rallies, Trump has named such Democrats as Sen.

Trump has used his final-days push to describe the midterms as a "choice between jobs and mobs", saying repeatedly Democrats have gone "crazy." Trump repeated a Miller talking point that Ojeda will support minority leader Nancy Pelosi, though Ojeda has told multiple news outlets, including The Herald-Dispatch, that he does not support Pelosi. He several times called the NY lawmaker "Cryin' Chuck".

"I think Corey and other Republicans that I know in our area are supporting Trump's effort to restore the country", said Hancock. It declares that the 2018 elections are really about the 2016 election, and "a nationwide judgment on whether Trumpism is a historic anomaly or a reflection of modern-day America".