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President Donald Trump says he wants to order the end of the constitutional right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born in the United States.

But Trump said he has talked to his legal counsel and was advised he could enact the change on his own, contrary to the view of many constitutional experts. It's in the process.

"No. 2, you can definitely do it with an act of Congress, but now they are saying I can just do it with an executive order".

Trump's potential legal argument for overriding the common interpretation of the 14th Amendment and the INA, both ratified by Congress, amounts to challenging whether or not unauthorized immigrants to the U.S. are "subject to the jurisdiction" of the US.

Trump says White House lawyers are reviewing his proposal. But the Supreme Court has never ruled whether or not the language of the 14 Amendment, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, applies specifically to people who are in the country illegally.

This comment by Trump is coming at a time he has been clamping down on illegal immigrants.

A San Diego sociologist John Skrentny told NPR in 2010, the U.S.is an anomaly in the world when it comes to this issue. Now, it's being used by people entering the USA illegally to have so-called "anchor babies" who are granted full United States citizenship.

The backdrop for the President's threat is the caravan with thousands of illegal migrants approaching the US-Mexico border, and a midterm election where addressing illegal immigration has huge appeal for the president's base.

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Under the current laws, anyone born in the US irrespective of the nationality of parents, automatically becomes an American citizen.

A clip of an Axios interview with President Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the political world Tuesday morning.

Mr Trump also said it was "ridiculous" that you get citizenship if you are born in the United States and not a citizen. "It's ridiculous and it has to end", Trump said.

Pence said Tuesday the administration is looking at action that would revise birthright citizenship, which is guaranteed under the 14th Amendment.

Despite Trump's assertion, "the U.S.is not the only nation to have birthright citizenship, but the policy is rare outside of the Americas", noted Fox News.

Abel Reyes and his girlfriend Maira each have two children who were born in the USA to non-citizen parents. Although changes to the birthright citizenship are in debate every few years, it is for the first time that a United States president has talked about revoking it by an executive order.

What does the end of birthright citizenship mean?

The current interpretation of the 14th Amendment has been blamed for so-called chain migration. He adds, that while the president certainly could sign an executive order it wouldn't withstand a court challenge. As a Member of Congress, I take an oath to support the United States Constitution.