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A draft of the Trump administration memo says gender should be determined 'on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable, ' the memo says, according to the Times.

Members of the LGBTQ community and their supporters mobilized quickly to show support for transgender rights after the New York Times published news of an unreleased Trump administration memo that proposes a strict definition of gender based on a persons genitalia at birth. "The only stable way to determine what defines male and female are primary and secondary sex characteristics".

In a series of Tweets on Sunday, the National Centre for Transgender Equality described the changes as an "abomination" and "a reckless attack" on transgender lives.

Over the weekend, the White House released a memo saying the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to revise the definition of "sex".

According to NYT, this move by the Department of Health and Human Services would deny 1.4 million Americans their federal recognition and protection.

The reported proposal comes little more than a week after New York City created a gender-neutral "X" option for birth certificates, joining California, Oregon, Washington state and New Jersey in offering a third gender category on the government-issued identity documents. In a legal memo presented to the administration, a coalition of civil rights groups wrote: "The overwhelming majority of courts to address the question since the most relevant Supreme Court precedent in 1998 have held that anti-transgender bias constitutes sex discrimination under federal laws like Title IX". And if other major federal agencies adopt the definition, it could be harder for the advocates to fight it in court.

Chief clinical officer Dr. Magda Houlberg said the proposed changes could be catastrophic: "This would be a huge step back for trans and gender-nonconforming rights".

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Today we raise our voices against an Administration that continues to cower to the forces of hatred and bigotry, and we tell every single transgender American that the rest of this country stands by their side.

Though it's still unclear how the policy would work, experts say it could affect the kind of medical treatment transgender people could receive under Medicaid, which prisons transgender inmates might be assigned to or what school bathrooms they could use.

The rule is coming out via the Department of Health and Human Services under Alex Azar.

The Obama administration enacted regulations and followed court rulings that protected transgender people from discrimination, upsetting religious conservatives.

"Not only does government affirmation of gender dysphoria hurt the very people it claims to help, but there is no serious argument that Congress intended the word "sex" to include "gender identity" when it passed Title IX", she said.

"Transgender' Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration".