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Scarlett Johansson is set to rake in big bucks for the upcoming Marvel flick "Black Widow", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On 4 October, Chris Evans announced that he had completed the shooting of Avengers 4, bidding adieu to Captain America, a role he had played for almost a decade.

Scarlett Johansson is in news again and all for the right reasons. Chadwick Boseman, on the other hand, reportedly agreed to a $2 million deal to star in Black Panther, while he is expected to be paid much more for the impending sequel. Potentially, but with talk of more villains potentially entering the fray, Avengers 4 looks just as likely to subvert expectations as Infinity War did back in April.

I was actually told the title for Avengers 4 is Endgame, but it remains to be seen if Marvel is sticking by the title following me having leaked it before Infinity War premiered.

THR reports that "multiple knowledgeable sources" confirmed this salary to them, though Marvel is disputing the figure.

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However he was then believed to be paid $50 million for the first Avengers film, while Johansson at the time was in the low-millions.

Both Black Panther and Infinity War were major box office winners - interestingly, Black Panther has made more money in the U.S. than Infinity War, which has grossed over $2 billion worldwide.

The character of Black Widow was first introduced in 2010's Iron Man 2.

We'll have all the answers by May 3, 2019, when Avengers 4 gets its U.S. release.

It's a great news for all Marvel and Avengers fans as the shooting of the fourth installment of the ensemble superhero franchise has been wrapped up.