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Google was previously rumored to be developing a subscription-based game streaming service that would be offered over Chromecast or even a Google-made console. We've long heard rumors Google has been working on a cloud gaming service codenamed "Yeti", but this is the first concrete hint Google is planning a dive deep into gaming.

The move is a direct attack on big developers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Of course, latency is a more major concern in game streaming than it is in music and video. While there weren't many details revealed about what a new iteration of what an online mode for Assassin's Creed would look like, Hascoet was adamant to state Ubisoft wants to take a different approach in relation to how the games industry has evolved in the social space.

It said the massive technical challenges in the trial mean access will be limited.

"The idea of streaming such graphically-rich content that requires near-instant interaction between the game controller and the graphics on the screen poses a number of challenges", Google says.

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I thought that as a player and I think it even more as a manager. "Everyone has a job to do and when we lose everyone should take responsibility".

To have a chance at being selected to participate in the project, you'll have to sign up for Project Stream via the project's website.

While the beta launches on October 5th, those interested in trying the technology out need to fit a list of requirements: Be older than 17; have an internet connection of 25Mb/s or greater; and, this excluding the largest number of possible participants, be located in the US. It's a new video game streaming service created to allow high-end PC and console games to be played via Chrome. It's clear that Google is still testing the technology, so making the game free-to-play for participants will help them collect useful data.

You'll be able to play the game from Chrome much like you would with a console or PC, except the visuals for the game and your controller inputs will be transmitted over the internet.

It was rumored several years ago that YouTube may be seeking the purchase of rival Twitch, a dedicated live stream platform.