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To combat those allegations, Nicki then claimed she did the same thing when Steve Madden offered her a deal, which opened the door for the brand's partnership with Cardi. Thank you for the support & encouragement year after year.

Cardi B reacted with: 'Alright then!

The Ganja Burn hitmaker added a pair of fishnet tights to her ensemble and her blonde tresses were perfectly slicked back as she put on a racy display for her 94.2 million followers. Answer: They've both got beef with Nicki Minaj.

In a recent interview, the Atlanta rapper relayed that he wouldn't collaborate with Nicki Minaj out of respect for Cardi B. Cardi says in the first video. "Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing!" The "Bodak Yellow" rapper fired back after Nicki's revealing "Queen Radio" episode in which she made bold claims about her and Cardi's now-infamous New York Fashion Week altercation and more.

'Since you want to talk about suing, ' she said, 'maybe I should sue you for defamation of character since you want to claim that I'm using something illegal called Payola for being so f***ing successful'.

US Withdraws Out of INF Treaty amid Alleged Missile Testing Allegations
On Wednesday, Peskov said Russian and the US had also discussed the possibility of Putin visiting Washington, D.C. China was not a party to the original agreement, and Trump argued that it should be included in the treaty.

"And then you have your sister calling me a crackhead and leak numbers?" she said.

Cardi said that Nicki should "stop focusing on other people" and work on herself and her material, as she's 'out here f***ing up [her] legacy, looking like a f***ing hater'.

In the tenth episode of her wildly popular Queen Radio, Nicki stressed in being exhausted of always having to defend her name over false rumors spread by Cardi. Nicki offers $100,000 to whoever leaks footage of Cardi's alleged scuffle with Nicki's friend Rah Ali.

Basically, Cardi's like - either we can talk about this like adults or we can fight it out. For the record, she left the Plaza [Hotel] and walked in front of me.

'I've worked too hard and come too far to let anybody fukk with my success!