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Trump again lashed out at the media over their coverage of Kavanaugh and also referenced a Democratic senator in freaky threat: "I've seen that person in very, very bad situations, somewhat compromising".

But as the Daily Beast noted, if you read the back and forth in the White House's transcript, you didn't quite get an accurate reflection of what happened.

As the reporter, Cecilia Vega, turned to retrieve a microphone to ask Trump a question, Trump joked "she's shocked that I picked her".

"I'm not, thank you, Mr President", the White House reporter responded. Vega, a consummate professional replied, "I'm sorry?" and continued on with her question. "Go ahead", before refusing to answer her question, instead insisting he'd rather talk about trade.

In all, it was the type of performance we've come to expect from Trump: volatile, wide-ranging, unexpected, and filled with the most random asides that leave viewers asking, "Wait, did he really just say that?"

You never do. Now, go ahead.

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During today's press conference, after his tense exchanges with the two female reporters, Mr Trump finally addressed the issue.

Later in the conference, Trump did belittle CNN's Kaitlan Collins when she asked a question about Brett Kavanaugh, demanding her question be only about trade and wagging his finger at her. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) asked Trump if he'd support a "clean" bill on DACA, extending protections to Dreamers, with a commitment to then begin negotiations on comprehensive immigration reform. "She's, like, in a state of shock", he said, earning laughs from the crowd.

Others said they were going to make an apology in the absence of one from the President.

"Wow. @CeciliaVega asks Trump about limiting FBI investigation into Kavanaugh allegations", Karen Travers, an ABC News reporter also covering the White House shared.

Late-night host Seth Meyers also spoke about it during his show Monday night, saying, "I mean, how much of a sexist d- can you possibly be?" "I've seen that person in very bad situations", Trump said. Can you imagine if I had?