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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave the update for the initial public offering in an interview with Bloomberg one month after Reuters reported Saudi Arabia had scrapped plans to list shares in the company.

Protestors hold pictures of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on October 5, 2018.

His disappearance has threatened to upend already-fraught relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and it raises new questions about the kingdom and the actions of its assertive Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom Khashoggi wrote critically about in his columns. "We have good improvement in our trade - a lot of achievements, so this is really great".

The interview took place at the royal palace in Riyadh on Wednesday; however, the news service circulated it on Friday.

"You will have some misunderstandings".

"We would not put another United States dollars 45 billion if we didn't see huge income in the first year with the first USD 45 billion", said Bin Salam, who is also the PIF's chairman.

Some Tesla directors proposed James Murdoch to succeed Musk as chairman
That Musk stirred further controversy on Twitter could irk regulators, since his tweets are what prompted the SEC's accusations. Tesla chief executive Elon Musk stands on the podium as he attends a forum on startups in Hong Kong, China January 26, 2016.

The two regional heavyweights and USA allies have engaged in a delicate balancing of shared interests and opposing positions, sometimes teaming up to oppose President Bashar Assad in the Syrian conflict, for example, while sparring over Saudi Arabia's campaign to isolate Qatar and its regional fight against political Islam. "What we are committed in Saudi Arabia is to make sure there is no shortage of supply". Turkey has been coy and giving conflicting statements about what they believed to have happened to Mr. Khashoggi and certainly Turkey's own bleak record of mistreatment and jailing of its journalists is being used by Saudi authorities to pour added doubt on the case. And I love the king, King Salman. "But I said 'King - we're protecting you - you might not be there for two weeks without us- you have to pay for your military '", Trump said. "You have to pay for your military, you have to pay'". Trump told a campaign rally in Mississippi Tuesday.

'If this is true - that the Saudis lured a US resident into their consulate and murdered him - it should represent a fundamental break in our relationship with Saudi Arabia, ' Murphy wrote on Twitter.

Pressed on how he would regard Trump's humiliating rhetoric against Saudi Arabia, the crown prince described the controversial remarks as a "bad issue" offset by "99 percent of good things". "So, for example if you look at the United States of America, when for example they wanted to free the slaves". And even though the U.S. worked against our agenda we were able to protect our interests. We think a 50-year-old issue is nearly impossible to fix in a few weeks. "So Saudi Arabia needs something like around 2000 years to maybe face some dangers".

When asked about the matter, the crown prince told Bloomberg that the kingdom had existed for 30 more years than the United States, after being founded in 1744.

"And I believe, and I'm sorry if anyone misunderstands that, but I believe President [Barack] Obama, in his eight years, he worked against many of our agenda - not in Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East. Plus, it will help our security", Bin Salman further noted.