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Not all games that come preloaded with the system are known yet.

The console will be shipped in its classic packaging with two replica controllers and slightly enhanced graphics compared to the original version. The bundle, which is set to be nostalgic from instructions to box art, also contains two original PS1 controller - without thumbsticks or vibrations - meaning you can play with your buddies like you did nearly 25 years ago.

Older UAE gamers will be thrilled at this announcement, and it will probably take them back to the days of going to places like Hamed Centre and Jumbo Electronics to buy their Playstation discs and accessories.

Following Nintendo's bold and profitable footsteps into the "nostalgia console" space, Sony has revealed the PlayStation Classic. It comes with 20 pre-installed and popular games, including Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, and Wild Arms.

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The lilliputian PlayStation is positively adorable; it's a teensy 45% the size of the original, with a working "Eject" button which, rather than opening the lid, switches game. Nintendo showed everyone how it is done with the release of the NES Classic and some time later the release of the SNES Classic. Just as with Nintendo's offerings, Sony has shrunken the PlayStation to a diminutive state and embedded several games - you are limited to the included titles.

If you already know that you want a PlayStation Classic, it might not be a bad idea to pre-order one. There's a clear demand for classic gaming experiences in the market.

The PlayStation Classic can be pre-ordered right now. With the right game lineup, Sony's throwback console could be the flawless time travel machine for folks with a fondness for the early days of 32-bit gaming. With that said, Sony is surprisingly including two controllers in the package - only one comes with Nintendo's mini machines.