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The show spoofed the Supreme Court nominee at Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. and it was spot on.

Brett Kavanaugh was played by Matt Damon, who acted the role in an aggressive manner while periodically chugging water and sniffing.

Mysteriously absent from the top of the hearing, as Alex Moffat's Chuck Grassley explained he was "shadowboxing in the bathroom", Damon's Kavanaugh sat down in irate fashion and said, "Oh hell yeah" when asked if he was ready to begin. She criticized him online and eventually made her way to the confirmation hearing where Kavanaugh had to answer questions about he alleged incidents.

Spit Damon's Kavanaugh: "You mean was I cool?" "I'm gonna start at an 11".

"I'm here tonight because of a shame, a political con job orchestrated by the Clintons, George Soros - Kathy Griffin!" "I'm a keg-half-full kind of guy, but what I've seen from the monsters on this committee makes me want to puke. and not from beer!"

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He's a special player who enjoys these one-on-one situations. The German said: "I know exactly how good he is". I don't think the ref has to see it (VAR).

"My parents, and Alyssa freaking Milano", Damon said. "And meanwhile, I've got these calendars". "These attractive, creepy calendars".

Sheldon Whitehouse (Pete Davidson) were all represented.

There were some more beer jokes, a reference to a childhood friend of Kavanaugh's - Gang Bang Greg (made up, of course) - and some other juvenile jokes. "I don't know, did you?!". Aidy Bryant played prosecutor Rachel Mitchell and was constantly cut off by the committee. Lindsey Graham, who delivered an impassioned speech in defense of Kavanaugh, wrapped her speech by saying, "This is my audition for Mr. Trump's cabinet and also for a regional production of 'The Crucible'". "Am I angry? Your damn right".

"But if you think I'm angry now you just wait until I get on that Supreme Court - because then you're all going to pay!"

Asked if he drank beer in school, he says, "Look I like beer okay?"