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Park Jin-hyok, who is believed to be in North Koerea, was allegedly involved in the 2014 Sony Pictures attack, the 2016 cyber-heist of Bangladesh's central bank, and the 2017 WannaCry 2.0 virus that affected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has brought charges for the first time against a North Korean hacker. The FBI said spear-phishing emails were sent to various employees of defense contractors at various times through 2016 and 2017, and said that although the hackers have continued to target Lockheed Martin with repeated waves of spear-phishing, the FBI has no evidence the attempts were successful.

Park, the complaint added, is believed to have returned to North Korea from China in 2014. "Some of the operational accounts were used in the name "Kim Hyon Woo" (or variations of that name), an alias that the subjects used in connection with the targeting of and cyber-attacks on SPE, Bangladesh Bank, and other victims".

The U.S. Treasury Department is also reportedly ready to issue new sanctions against the perpetrators of the attack, though it's not immediately clear how many people will be targeted. The company, affiliated with North Korean military intelligence, does a mix of state-sponsored hacking and innocuous paid coding work, according to the complaint.

Sony wound up canceling the theatrical release after threats were made to theaters.

"The criminal conduct outlined in this case is intolerable", said Tracy Wilkison, the first assistant USA attorney in Los Angeles.

The North Korean government has repeatedly denied responsibility for the hack but called it "a righteous deed".

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The Trump White House also announced past year that it believed North Korea was behind for the WannaCry attack, which spread rapidly through hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries last May.

The North Korean hacker has been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit computer fraud, and another count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

"Kim Jong Un of North Korea proclaims "unwavering faith in President Trump".

Among the emails released in the hack was an exchange between Amy Pascal, then co-chairman of the studio, and "The Social Network" producer Scott Rudin where they joked about what might be then-President Barack Obama's favourite movies, listing "12 Years a Slave" and films by black comedian Kevin Hart.

Investigators were able to track down the hackers by tracing their origin to a segment of some 1,024 internet protocol addresses assigned to North Korea.

It will be the first time the USA has brought computer hacking charges against a Pyongyang operative, the Washington Post reports.

The Korean Expo Joint Venture engaged both in hacking and regular business, working with clients on software and information technology projects and using free email services including Gmail, according to the criminal complaint.