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Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland takes part in a news conference at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, U.S., August 31, 2018.

Canada's main stock market started the week down for seventh-straight day amid an off-day for any headlines on NAFTA as negotiations are set to resume Tuesday. A bilateral deal announced by the United States and Mexico on Monday was a breakthrough that infused renewed optimism around a new NAFTA.

Trudeau repeated on Wednesday that he will defend Canada's dairy industry. President Donald Trump has notified Congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with Mexico, with Canada welcome to join the deal "if it is willing", the White House said Friday. "President, I recommend we accept this deal with Canada; it's not flawless, but it's a good deal, ' then I think he takes it,"' Mulroney said.

Speaking on C-SPAN, Perdue said US farmers don't have the same access to Canada that Canada has to the USA, specifically referring the Class 7 dairy products in Canada.

Negotiations have stretched on for 13 months so far and are stalled on a number of issues including dispute resolution, cultural protection, and how much access American farmers should have to the Canadian dairy market.

Gold catches late NY bid on NAFTA headlines, but . . .
Podcast: Where Trump could take NAFTA

She said she spoke with Lighthizer over the weekend and they agreed it would be useful for them to meet again face to face.

Freeland is expected to answer questions from reporters later this afternoon. "You can't fix NAFTA without fixing issues with Canada", said Senator Ron Wyden, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees trade. "No NAFTA deal is better than a bad NAFTA deal".

"To me, a lot of that is consistent with my suspicion that the US doesn't really want to get a deal [or] at least the [Trump] administration doesn't", he said, citing the leaked off-the-record comments Mr. Trump gave Bloomberg in late August when he said he was refusing to compromise with Canada and that any deal with Canada would be "totally on our terms". Under U.S. trade negotiating laws, a text for that agreement is due by October 1. Canadian officials had said previously that they are working on the assumption that they have until the end of September to make a deal. If Canada is kicked out of the new NAFTA, Americans would see a number of industries negatively affected, from oil production to retail stores to tourism as Canadians will choose to buy more domestic products to avoid American ones. Perdue said on C-SPAN that Lighthizer has been "very clear" about the need for the Class 7 pricing system to be repealed.

In 2016, after yielding greater market access under the European Union deal, Trudeau's government paid dairy farms and processors hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate and is expected to pay out again for the Pacific deal.

Canada is the United States' second-largest trading partner, with US$673 billion in total goods and services crossing the border in 2017.

Hurricane Florence reaches Category 2 strength as it targets the Carolinas
Forecasters urged residents from SC to the mid-Atlantic to get ready - and not just for a direct blow against the coast. At 500 AM AST (0900 UTC), the center of Tropical Storm Helene was located near latitude 13.2 North, longitude 24.0 West.