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Shares of electric auto maker Tesla Inc. fell more than 6 per cent early Friday after the CEO appeared to smoke marijuana during an interview and the company's accounting chief left after a month on the job.

The Tesla entrepreneur spoke about artificial intelligence, colonising space and the need to "give love a chance".

Elon Musk has added another bit of freakish behaviour to the list by smoking a joint during a live interview.

"I don't think you would necessarily want to be me - you wouldn't like it that much", Musk told Rogan during the live-streamed podcast.

When Rogan aid "totally", Musk said "OK" and took a drag.

Mr Rogan offered his guest the drug, which is legal in California, as the pair discussed tech innovation and the public's perception of Mr Musk.

Musk has come under heavy pressure in recent weeks over his botched attempt to take Tesla private and his erratic behavior. One big reason is that his brain is a "a never-ending explosion" of ideas that he finds hard to turn off, per CNN.

"The vast majority of negative comments, I just ignore them", he said.

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Thousands turned out for Aretha Franklin's funeral at Greater Grace Temple to celebrate a superstar and her musical legacy. We can talk about all the things that are wrong, and there are many , but the only thing that can deliver us is love.

Tesla shares plummeted Friday after two executives announced their departures from the company and video of Elon Musk smoking weed and drinking whiskey on a popular podcast began to circulate on social media.

"Weed is not helpful for productivity".

"It's like a cup of coffee in reverse", he added.

He told Rogan he thinks that merging humans with computers is the approach that "seems probably the best for us: if you can't beat it, join it".

Musk said he is less anxious about AI than he had been, mostly due to "taking a more fatalistic attitude".

According to the lawsuit, filed on Thursday in San Francisco federal court, false and misleading information, issued by Musk, harmed short-sellers and those believing Tesla's stock price would rise.

Musk has said the company is producing more than 5,000 Model 3 electric cars per week, and cash generated from the sales will bring sustained quarterly profits.

"If we were forever constrained to Earth, that would not be a good future". "Do people get upset at you if you do certain things?"