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According to the state health division, Legionnaires' disease is a potentially serious bacterial pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria.

If you have information or questions about this outbreak, please call the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Public Inquiry Line by calling 603-271-9461.

The Health Department is scheduled to inspect the internal plumbing supply in the affected building, but officials say they do not consider this an outbreak or to be related to cooling towers at this time.

The Centers for Disease Control is assisting state health officials in confirming the source of the outbreak.

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These 12 people likely acquired their infections between early June and mid-August in Hampton, NH.

Another disease which has made its presence felt for quite some time in the United States is the one caused due to West Nile virus, which has resulted in around a dozen communities in Boston-area being listed as high-risk, after a fourth-case of the virus was discovered. High risk population includes people over 50 years of age, former and current smokers, people with chronic lung diseases, weak immune systems, as well as other underlying illnesses.

The statement said the hotel was cooperating with all state and federal investigators. It can not be passed from person to person contact. The bacteria can also be found in air conditioning systems and swimming pools. It can not be contracted by drinking or coming into physical contact with water containing the bacteria, such as during swimming, for example. A spokesperson said there have been fewer than 10 cases reported. Most people who come in contact with the bacteria will not get sick, although severe illness can occur, sometimes resulting in death, as already seen. She said one was contracted out of state, while it's not yet been determined where the other case was contracted.