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They do work when in the Google search app on iOS.

Google is also responsible for producing android phones and hardware alongside software including Google Earth, Google Search and Google Maps.

Combined with Google's powerful PageRank system of indexing search results, the company grew over the years and went public in 2004, offering investors to buy its shares. "For these subtopics, we can identify the most relevant articles and videos - the ones that have shown themselves to be evergreen and continually useful, as well as fresh content on the topic". You can click on any of the results and see relevant images.

Google is also adding a dynamic search result organization tool to help users figure out what to search for next. '... Now, a new activity card will help you pick up from where you left off in Search'. It's also coming soon to the Google.com mobile website.

Users will be able to save pages to their Collections from Activity Cards. Google, in marking the 20th anniversary of Google search, announced its own plans to tap artificial intelligence, including enticing you to interact more with its rebranded, deeper Discover activity feed and other services.

However, it has been cleared that this card won't show up with all the Google Searches but when it's actually required.

Russian Spy Poisoning Suspect Was "Honoured By Putin"
Russia's foreign ministry has previously denounced Bellingcat, alleging the group is related to Western intelligence agencies. They visited the city twice during a 4-day trip, with the pair flying out of London within hours of the Skripals falling sick.

The Google "feed" - a stream of information cards about your interests that appears in some of Google's apps - is getting a revamp. Discover is customizable, so you can choose to see more or less of a certain topic by tapping and control icon. Think of the times you are typing in a question in the search bar and about 10 prompts crop up?

Suggested or related topics will also appear. Google is bringing the Discover feed to the Google homepage on all mobile browsers in the next few weeks Moxley said. The duration of the video is 1:37 and the video ends with an worldwide thank you from Google in different languages including English, Hindi Spanish and lot more. It's still mostly white with a search box, and two buttons on it "Search" and "I'm feeling lucky" (which simply takes you to the first search result).

The cards that the Discover feed shows you will offer different ways of interacting with it. For example, under a new movie trailer in the feed you might find details about people starring in the movie. You can find your search history in account settings and access it while searching.

Ben Gomes, vice president of Google Search, News, and Assistant, made the announcement yesterday on Google's blog.

'Pathways' update on Google will allow people to learn new skills and get better new jobs. The search giant is making it easier for you to see what information you should explore next.