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Phoenix, 43, has unkempt, collar-length hair and is wearing a rumpled, button-down shirt and jacket in the picture.

Below is a photo shared by director Todd Philips on Sunday revealing "Arthur", a.k.a. Phoenix in the film. It is possible that we will not get the classic Joker look at all in the movie, since Joker is a far cry from other comic-book movies with their inflated budgets and special effects and might not follow comics that faithfully.

Ready for a rather mesmerizing first look at Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker movie? Scott Silver co-wrote the script with Phillips.

We know that Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2) and Marc Maron (Glow) do have roles.

Check out the pic of Phoenix in pre-Joker mode.

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It's hard to gauge much from this image, which looks like a cross between Phoenix in Inherent Vice and Jim Carrey as Mr. Pickles in Showtime's Kidding. With a $55 million budget, the current consensus is that the film will be more of a character study than a blockbuster action flick.

On that note, according to a Hollywood Reporter story last month, both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are on their way out as Batman and Superman respectively in the DC Extended Universe. This is the same Warner Bros. outfit that is releasing another Joker project based around Jared Leto's depiction of the character in Suicide Squad.

In the leaked videos from set, we can see Arthur having an animated discussion with a large man dressed up like a clown.

Joker (or whatever it ends up being called) hits cinemas October 4th, 2019.